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Please help! Newbie here.

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  • Please help! Newbie here.

    Hello everyone, I'm glad to have decided to join this awesome community!

    I first heard of the sedona method a few years ago but haven't looked more into it until about 6 months ago.. I have a few questions to ask:

    1- I have read some of the topics on here and a few people claim to have practiced the sedona method for a while with no results whatsoever neither internally or externally.. To be honest that got me discouraged big time.. What's that about? can someone share their thoughts on this? could it be that they weren't releasing correctly or something else? could it be that the sedona method works with some people and others are just simply unable to benefit from it?

    2- I practice welcoming the emotions regarding a couple of major goals.. I welcome the feeling and it instead of the feeling decreasing it stays there.. I might feel some temporary relief but the feeling comes back with the same intensity if not stronger.. How do I go about doing it? and how long does it take to completely release the emotions regarding a certain subject? Is it even possible?

    3- Is it possible to make the sedona method a way of life? as in I can always give the emotions their space throughout the day and allow them to be felt fully without any suppression, or can the sedona method only be done in sessions?

    Please help me with those questions I would be super super thankful!

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    Hi Nova89!


    I'm not being evasive by writing that no one can speculate about why some people are struggling with releasing while not getting results. Unless the person who is struggling talks about this himself or herself anything I or anyone else might come up with is speculation. Releasing works for anyone who is willing to explore it and is willing to inquire about how to release with more facility and is willing to keep playing around with the processes until things click. Even though we let go all day long without being aware that we do it can be different when we decide to intentionally let go.

    Sometimes when we release we might want to hold on instead of let go. That doesn't mean that we are doing something wrong. It just means that we need to welcome wanting to hold on and THEN let go of wanting hold on. Releasing is actually a skill. the more we play around with it the better we get. The times that you get temporary relief are showing you through your direct experience that releasing does work. If the feeling comes back that means more releasing is needed. And if it's more intense it just means that more is releasing. Yes, it is possible to be completely free. How long it takes is very individual. Sometimes wanting to feel differently is really about resisting a feeling. Resistance has no negative connotation in releasing. Resistance is also just coming up to be released.

    Yes, absolutely, we can release while in action and out and about throughout the day. It might take a bit of practice but it's definitely possible. Lots of people do that. It is of great value to take some time when we are not in action to release simply because we can open more fully because we can give ourselves over to the process completely with out distraction or interruption.

    Please keep us posted on how things unfold for you,


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      Thank you SO much for your response it's super helpful.. And yes I do believe that this releasing method works since I felt relief even though it's temporary but I just wanted to be sure that I'm on the right track after reading those discouraging posts . I'm learning more about TSM and if I keep releasing it will be less temporary and more permanent. I'm new here but I have noticed that you are dedicated to providing helpful answers and support to people on this forum so thank you for that too I will post an update and I will keep releasing more and more until I'm free of everything that limits me from achieving my full potential. God bless.


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        You're very welcome Nova!