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  • how???

    i feel like im supposed to say yes to questions. its bothering me because most of the time im confused. could i? my most common answer is "i dont know" "i would like but i dont know how" (could i let go of wanting to figure it out, again, would like but i dont know how). what if i dont feel like yes or know but somewhere in between, like "i dont really know how to do this"?

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    i dont have the clear way of letting go, i dont feel like im choosing to hold on or to let go. its not that simple for me, its confusing. how do i let go of wanting to figure it out?


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      everybody would be super heroes if it was that simple and just a matter of choice right??


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        Hi JonJonJon!

        Really good questions.

        So first, answer the questions honestly, not how you want to or how you think you should. If you don't know then the answer is likely no. No can still result in a great release. I know that's confusing but play around with it and see if that helps you get more aligned with your self.

        I agree, no one WANTS to be holding on!

        So, first let's start with what it feels like to let go. Notice what it's like to sit in a chair or sofa or lie in bed. Notice how the chair or the sofa is holding you up. And now see if you can let all your muscles and your bones soften and melt and drop down into the chair of the sofa. Keep playing around with that and you'll start to notice that even when we are sitting or lying down we are holding on. Once we are aware of this and we consciously let everything drop down into the chair or the bed we can begin to orient ourselves to what letting go feels like and how we can practice letting go.

        This may seem weird but it can be helpful to allow ourselves to hold on, to welcome holding on. This actually helps with letting go. Noticing what it's like, consciously paying attention to what is actually happening when we are holding on will support a let go. So, welcome holding on. Hold on consciously, allow yourself to hold on and when you do that you will eventually find that letting go is easier. If you can't let go then welcome holding on, until you can let go. FYI I held on for about the first 2 years I began TSM.

        Now that you have some pointers play around with them and then come back and ask questions so that you can get more specific help with what you're experiencing.

        Right now, could you let go of wanting to let go of wanting to figure things out?
        Eventually you will be able to let go of wanting to figure things out more directly so be patient and kind with yourself and your process.



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          Jon, if you do not get a ready answer from within, then just try saying "No", because more likely it is. Let go of the wanting to get a yes from within.
          What, in this moment, is lacking?