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  • Release on God Against me

    So this is now a 7-bit ASCII text. It appears to me this forum software is not capable of handling UTF-8 and crops text on any non US-ASCII character. Feel free to delete my two comments directly after this post.


    I just do not believe this. I just wrote a long post, but somehow my user got logged out while doing so with all of the text I worked on last hour being gone. The restore function of the forum software just managed to restore part of the first paragraph of that. It fits the topic "God against me" perfectly. I will now first use a text editor and then copy paste. God can throw anything God wants at me. I will post this post, no matter what. And is there a release about Love/Hate with Computers and other technical devices?

    I did Sedona Method Super Course and I am new the end of I think almost two-month period of Effortless Creation with first 2 goals with easily more than 100 pages up paper filled up with all kinds of stuff I released and I do not even remember all of it. I made *huge* progress*. While there came up less and less to release about them, one time for one goal nothing but complete confidence that I have it, I do not yet have the goals. Also I do a detoxification and microbiome healing process for this body I have taken care of by using a special quite new natural supplement. In the last 3 days I have been in an immense healing crisis regarding both this body and feelings. Regarding the natural supplement I ask experts tomorrow evening. In addition to that there are again disturbing sounds of a quite new construction site on an estate next to where I live. I luckily look forward to 3-4 weeks of holidays, which I'd like to stay mostly at home and use quite some time on releasing and recovering and just being, but it this may not even be possible for me given the noise from that construction site. And I still have 4 days to go of a Linux training I hold.

    It was too much.

    I found an old pattern again: Whenever I make progress with anything (be it paraliminals, other meditations, and a ton of over stuff...), I just face the thought-feeling that God just uses the opportunity to throw even more stuff at me. That God just hates me with a passion. Such a passion that God never throws as much at me that I completely break down, but enough so that I almost break down and suffer to the greatest amount possible. That I can and may never be happy for extended periods of time. That Creation itself has a bug, that this whole human experience is just one single big desastrous mistake. And of course I am hating myself with a passion when thinking all of this. That God is even justified to hate me with a passion cause I am the most broken, unfixable, unhealable being that ever wandered around on this planet.

    Could I welcome hating me as much as I do? Yes. Could I love me as best I can? ... ... Yes.

    Am I wanting to figure it out? Of course. Can I let go wanting to figure it out? ... Yes.

    I have ideas on releases I can use on that, like:

    - Sedona Method: Loving your partner as they are, on myself.
    - 365 Releases: The one about the World is not against you.
    - 365 Release: The one about wanting to destroy your life.
    - Sedona Method: Wanting to change.
    - Sedona Method: Accepting change is possible.
    - And also on Shame and Guilt.
    - Sedona Method: On the world.

    Any other suggestions? Is there any epic Release on God, duality, no bug in creation release? Does it make sense to check out Letting Go Accelerator in order to see whether I am stuck? I don't think I am completely stuck however. Probably I am very close to a big, huge break-through, but then I may be head-banking already.

    Also any recommendation for an release about noise from places around the place where I live? Noises I think I cannot always evade and just need to suffer. I felt so helpless with these as I cannot just switch off the ears of this body for a while.

    I will also post about an releasing partner in my area. I have done all of the releasing work on my down. I think I have been very brave and courageous so far.

    I hope this english is good enough to read. It is not native english.
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    Where is the text I just pasted into this post? Does this forum software actually work?


    I just don


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      Release on God Against me


      I just do not believe this. I just wrote a long post, but somehow my user got logged out while doing so with all of the text I worked on last hour being gone. The restore function of the forum software just managed to restore part of the first paragraph of that. It fits the topic "God against me" perfectly. I will now first use a text editor and then copy paste. God can throw anything God wants at me. I will post this post


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        re the noise in the environment.....could I welcome the sounds as much as I do- could I welcome the silence as best I can?


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          Is there any epic Release on God, duality, no bug in creation release?

          have a look at the tracks and see if this program would be good- it is currently on sale...but not for long


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            Thank you, Zannie. Today I used the Love/Hate releasing (Allow myself to hate as much as I do / love as best I can) which had a calming effect. I will use your suggestion as well and see what happens.

            As the Summer Sale, which of the programs do you mean? There are quite some one sale.


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              Hi ananda99!

              I recommend that you release on wanting to be controlled by God. You can use all the clean up procedures on God and see how that goes.

              Also, check and see if you can find where you end and where God begins? And where God ends and you begin?

              Also, welcome all the thoughts and feelings around "I am the most broken, unfixable, unhealable being that ever wandered around on this planet." and then check and see if there is any wanting to punish yourself for being "the most broken, unfixable, unhealable being that ever wandered around on this planet." Welcome your answer. If yes, how do you think you should be punished? Welcome your answer. And for how long? Welcome your answer. And then check and see if you could let go of wanting to punish yourself that way for that long. Lastly, could you let go of wanting to believe that about yourself again?

              As far as the noise goes, if you just released on that and how much it irritates you you'll find that that in and of itself is the price of admission. Eventually you won't even care about the noise and you'll be able to release without any distraction.




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                Thank you very much, Delilah. I feel your answer is spot on. Wanting to be punished or to punish myself is a big part of it. I think that is why I considered Release Guilt & Shame release already, but I did not have this completely clear. I released a lot of this on persons already, but never really on God, so thank you very much for that recommendation. I definitely go for this and see what happens.

                I also punished myself with the process to improve the microbiome. The manufacturer of the natural supplements clearly recommends to reduce the dosage in case of a healing crisis. I already read that, but still did not do that and thus the healing crisis was stronger than it needed to. Now I heard it again. And decided to do it, in case there is another healing crisis.


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                  Of course, in a sense, I am always releasing on God, whether I am releasing on persons, things, beliefs or whatever.


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                    Hi ananda99,

                    Glad you found my input of value,



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                      I felt quite good after doing control process on God. I am now even in a deeper place. Yesterday was the first day of my holiday. I registered as sick for the last half day of work time before my holidays, as I just collapsed as I started to release the tension I still held on to after doing the last week long course in a state a doctor would have sent me home for recovery for. I think this collapsing is basically a symptom of a healing reaction of the nervous system of this body-mind, a way it resets it self back to a healthier state of functioning.

                      I found a deep expectation, even a wanting to be punished for a lot of different things regarding not doing enough, not being enough, about my sexuality and a host of other things, even just for being here. That even after all I did, it would not be enough.

                      Today listened to release guilt and shame for at least an hour, in a mix with various other releases. Any other suggestions for releasing a want, yes even a desire, an expectation to be punished. I found myself punishing myself as others did not do it. During the releasing work I had images, thoughts of me feeling guilty that my mother died of cancer when I was a child. I know with my mind I could not have been responsible for that, but my feelings still tell otherwise. And I am sure my mother would like to see me happy. Maybe you have a special suggestion for that. Preferably something I could listen to. It works better for me. That this all becomes accessible to me again is a huge opportunity to release.

                      I missed the big summer sale cause I was not in a state to decide on what to buy. Currently I have Sedona Super Course, Effortless Creation, 365 releases and a few individual releases.

                      Thank you very much.


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                        Hi ananda99!

                        It sounds like you've actually had some great gains as indicated by the connections you made while releasing.

                        I really can't point you to any particular recording because there are quite a few. The best thing to do is to go through the list and follow what your intuition tells you to order.

                        One release that I can offer here is:

                        Check and see if there is any wanting to change what you did or didn't do when your mother was dying of cancer?

                        Welcome your answer.

                        Could you let go of wanting to change that?

                        Welcome your answer.

                        Since you already have to Supercourse, try to find ways to insert anything that comes about your mother into any of the processes. Also, do the clean up process on your mother and also on cancer. In fact. re-listen to the whole Supercourse now that you've been able to pull up some things that you weren't fully cognizant of. I don't know how many times you've listened to the whole course but if you revisit it every now and again you'll find that there are things on there that you didn't hear before or you'll hear something again but it will have a different or deeper meaning.

                        You're on the right track.

                        Keep letting go into flow,
                        Delilah Praete


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                          Hello Delilah.

                          Thank you very much. I love the idea to go through the Supercourse again. And I have holidays. However I also feel the impulse to start a next round of the Effortless Creation with two more goals. On one hand still stuff to release came up and the other hand I started with the goal to life in a quiet, peaceful, harmonious environment, as I see this as an important challenge for me right now. I did not yet start with the original two other goals I had in mind yet. Well I have holidays and if I use much of the time to release stuff, then so be it. Taking care to just be beingness, alone or together with apparent others, as well.

                          I did many releases again after my last post and this one. I do not even remember what I released or even which releases I used.

                          Something I am happy about happened. A woman I was together with and then separated from me a few months ago asked me to forgive her and let her come back. A complete surprise. I released her and did not even think about her all that much anymore. And yes. I know: I part of myself I was together with pretended to separate from me and now asked to come back. It triggered quite some feelings, but as the first feeling was happiness I offered her to meet again and see from there. And I did quite some releases before calling her. Including Releasing the Fear of Commitment and I think it was Dissolving Loss or another one of the loss related ones, I do not remember exactly.

                          In the current state where the love that is all helps the body of this body-mind to heal with heightened body temperature and other symptoms, it was often easiest for me to listen to releases, instead of writing or asking myself questions. I did some writing releases too whenever I felt comfortable enough for it.

                          Someone answered my question about release partnering and I am looking forward to make contact with this other body-mind-soul of the same love we all are.

                          Meanwhile I started adding back some of the other work I did like Paraliminals. I feel some conflict with some of their wording at times (desire, want and so on), but during the main part three it was more easy to let go into the experience. Often I felt no resistance to the positive messages in there at all anymore. Sedona wonderfully complements other work.

                          Thanks for pointing out gains for me. I wrote down gains on paper just once or twice so far I think. Good to do it again.

                          Thank you.


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                            I just did the release you suggested three times.

                            Is there anything I wanted to change what I did or did not do when my mother was dying of cancer?

                            Save her.

                            All three times. First time I could not let it go. Second and third I let go as best I can.

                            I know saving myself and others from illnesses is still a strong motivation for me with lots of conflicts. As I child I decided to find the pill that banishes cancer from this world once and for all. I meanwhile know it is no pill. And I can only invite healing, never force it upon other body-mind-souls. Letting go of controlling anothers experience is also an important release for me.

                            I feel now that as a child already I have been pure love. I loved my mother beyond my capacity to understand. And then God took my mother I love so much away from me. No wonder about "God against me". And yet, I have never ever been separated from my mother. It just appeared this way to me.

                            Maybe I really stay with my current goals with Effortless Creation while redoing the Supercourse with all that is related to my mother. It might be too early to start with my next goals like "Being a healer".


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                              I just wanted to end her suffering. And that God did for her.

                              Crying can also be a release I bet.