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Release on God Against me

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    Hi ananda99!

    You used the above release three times. The third time you let go as best you can. That's a great start. Keep releasing on this until you can effortlessly let it go entirely. Lester asks "Could we be open to allow this release to be the last time we need to release on this topic/issue/tendency and could we be open to allowing the process to take as long is it does?"

    Yes, letting go of wanting to control others' experiences and yours as well ARE most definitely great releases.

    Yes, crying is a release too.

    Follow your heart to determine how to proceed.

    Keep letting go into flow,
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      Thank you, Delilah. Currently I have enough to continue. I am guided.

      About the release I used three times: As I feel no conflict with it at the moment I see no need to use it again.


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        That's wonderful ananda99!!

        For your freedom,


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          Any change on your feelings about God against you? I used to have a lot of hate for God, when I felt he really not only let me down, but he also allowed things to happen to me that changed the direction of my life for the worse. The hate lasted for years, maybe a decade, but fortunately I've long since released the hatred. I was brought up in a religious household, but I think I probably have some lingering reservations about God. I really try now to keep any and all hate down to a minimum in my life, but I couldn't help that voice in the back of my mind that I had been wronged back then, and God was not welcome in my life.

          I've made a lot of progress reconciling my feelings on God and hate, but I think that experience was a turning point in my life and my thinking is much different now. Writing this, I realized I still need to do some more releasing on God, and man do I really hold a grudge! I am examining my feelings about other encounters throughout my life, and had no idea this was such a strong issue for me.

          So how do you feel about God now, and have you effectively resolve that feeling of having God (or the world) against you?


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            Hi. Thanks for your question. Whoa, on one hand I have releaded that well on this that I completely forgot about that topic until I saw your reply. On the other hand I am just releasing on a ton of offer stuff. What I learned during releasing on God and... well everything else is that I had a huge hatred against myself. I lived with the idea that I must be the worst, most disgusting human being that has ever wandered on this Earth, the biggest loser of all, especially with women - yeah that was a biggie and maybe still is -, the biggest failure that you can imagine. And whoa, have I been powerful in manifesting this. And I punished myself over and over and over again. It was even a pleasure for me, doing so.

            Right now I am contact with an unlimited power within that can manifest anything I choose to. It was still a turmoil, even just days ago or this morning, but I see progress in areas of my life that I thought were impossible to change at all. What is here now? I don't even know after a powerful release today that again shifted everything.

            I do feel I made big progress… is releasing on God completed already? Probably not. But right now my releasing on God is not all that much a concern for me and my focus is elsewhere. On the other hand I feel like all releasing is also a releasing on God. Cause what else is here anyway? What else, except this awareness, peace and bliss is here anyway?