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  • Goals


    I have a question about goals.

    I have a number of different goal topics. Life goals, work goals, money goals, guitar and music goals, social goals and body goals. Is it an okay way to go to have a goal for each topic and work on them every day (fx 5 releases per goal) or should I work on less, fx 3 goals per day, and with more releases pr goal.

    What would you suggest?

    All the best, Esben

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    In Effortless Creation course, Hale suggests working on an overarching life goal for 30 days, plus what we might call a minor goal for 30 days...would you experiment with that approach?
    ....also I have heard that we might focus on one goal eg work goal, and other things seemed to get cleared up first. Ultimately there is no right or wrong way...we find our own style.


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      Hi Esbenmad!

      It's best if we work on one or two goals...or at the most three goals at the same time. If we focus on more than that we will not really go very deep because our attention will be spread too thin on too many topics. Ideally, focusing on one or two allows us to really go deep and let go a great deal. Ultimately when we release on one thing we ARE releasing on everything.This is especially true if we really give ourselves over to releasing deeply and thoroughly.



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        Hi Delilah and Zannie

        Thank you for your answers! I will work on fewer goals from now on. It does make sense. Have a great day!

        All the best, Esben