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I'm missing something on welcoming

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  • I'm missing something on welcoming

    I've not read the entire book yet, but I'm on my 3rd pass thru the first 60 or so pages, trying to find an answer to welcoming that makes sense to me. I think I'm missing a nuance that's keeping me from seeing it.

    "Could you welcome/allow that feeling?" doesn't have a value to me. What is the the purpose of welcoming a feeling, and what is the point? My understanding is that if I welcome a feeling I will think about and focus on that feeling, and that can be counterproductive. One of my daily incantations is "I observe my thoughts, and only entertain those that empower me". I'm interpreting focusing on a feeling I don't want as inviting it into my awareness. What am I missing?

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    Hi Bomber!

    The hallmark of releasing is letting go. The most fundamental way to let go is to just drop a thought or a feeling. The second most fundamental way to let go is to welcome the thought or the feeling. Welcoming means allowing the thought/feeling to be here so that it can come up to be released. Welcoming is about opening up to flow so that the thought/feeling and can move through the bodymind and release. Ignoring thoughts and feelings is really suppressing them. When we ignore them they just get buried somewhere and still drive us. So it's better to open to them, give them room to come up so they can fully release. Noticing a thought or a feeling isn't focusing on them. It isn't organizing our lives around them. Which is essentially what most of us do a lot of the time when we aren't really being mindful. And ignoring and suppressing isn't releasing, it's just burying. Furthermore, resist a thought/feeling and it will persist. So when we let go of resisting a thought or a feeling and open to the thought and/or feeling so that it can come up and release we are not being driven by the feeling, but are allowing the thought/feeling/ENERGY to come up and release and that brings us back into flow. Noticing for the purpose of letting go liberates us from any thought or feeling and allows us to never be afraid or driven or owned by a thought or feeling again.

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      find what resonates with you......if you don't like it move on, there's 5 different methods of releasing, the way you know if it's useful is if you feel better.......what else matters......try it and if you like it don't worry about understanding it or it making sense......just ask yourself the question and observe what happens inside you including anything that appears to argue with the question......

      also.....allowing feelings and thoughts just helps them to dissolve and uncover something far more it's definitely worth a go.....lOL