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Concentrating/thoughts running through my mind

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  • Concentrating/thoughts running through my mind

    Hi everyone,

    I'm very new to this. When I welcome in what I want to release on, my mind races and wanders, and I'm flooded with thoughts. I can't concentrate. What can I do? Thanks!

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    Hi emdeluxe!

    Welcome to TSM Community!

    When the mind races and even wanders and is flooded with thoughts see if you can welcome this too. IOWs just notice what it's like to have racing, wandering flooded mind. Bring awareness to it. and then see if you are wanting to control this, change it, resist it, get rid of it, figure out what to do with it or about it and welcome that too. Then see if you could just let go of wanting to do any of that. And then let us know what it's like to do that. Hint: Resisting what the mind is doing will just make what it's doing more intense. Welcoming, noticing, allowing each thought and distraction consciously to be here will offer a uniquely __________ experience. You get to fill in that blank.