I copied an excerpt from another thread and posted it here, because it just clicked when I read it. I thought it might help anyone else who also struggles with the "let go of wanting to figure it out" statement. I've had resistance to hearing that from the beginning, because the main purpose of me being here IS to figure out how to use the method. To me, being told to "let go of wanting to figure it out", is equivalent to being told "just trust me" by a used car salesman. It was an answer that just didn't sit well, and felt like a cop out.

The questions don't need to make sense to the logical linear mind in order for them to help you go beyond the mind. Just let the words/questions wash over you and answer them honestly. Take your time with the questions. They are part of a PROCESS and not about what makes sense to your mind. The process can take you out of your limited mind and into your infinitude if you just explore the process experientially instead of trying to figure out what the questions mean.


To be fair, Hale does address the subject in the supercourse, where he explained that your mind isn't the right tool for figuring it out anyway, which did help me get over wanting to figure it out to a degree, but this explanation is something I can accept completely and work with.