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    Hi Humble!

    I am soooooo sorry that I've missed some of your posts!

    The challenge is to remember when things don't work out the way want them too that that just means they weren't supposed to. It doesn't mean that life is against us. It's hard to remember this when we are hurting or stressed.

    Crying like a baby is not a bad thing if that what's happening. There are no good or bad feelings. There is just the feeling that's here now. And whatever feeling that is, is coming up to appear in awareness so that it can do what it needs to do and then release. Cry like a baby if that's what needs to happen. Suppressing that will postpone the release.

    One of the loveliest releases that Hale does around folks who have died:

    Can you find where _________(fill in the blank) ends and you begin?
    Welcome your answer.

    Can you find where you end and _________(fill in the blank) begins?
    Welcome your answer.

    BTW, one of the things that really helps me is I talk to people who have died. I talk to them and tell them everything that I would have told them when they were here. I find that that allows my process, grief, loss, but also joy and appreciation, and even anger and disappointment still need to be expressed so that I don't suppress. This may sound really silly but it keeps the process moving for me.

    You seem to be moving forward very nicely. And YES! You've got internet friends here, absolutely!