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Meaning of "let go"???

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  • Meaning of "let go"???

    Hello everybody....i know the sedona method and the release technique by larry crane...but i am confused about the meaning of letting go emotions. Some people say let go is simply just welcome the feelings...and some people say let go is allowing the emotions to leave away from the body (is this not the same like want to rid of it)?

    Im very confused now.please help.

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    Hi juventino!

    There are three ways to deal with feelings. 1. To express them. This means when we are sad we cry, when we are angry we speak angrily, etc. 2. To suppress them. When we are sad or angry we swallow our feelings AKA suppress them. 3. To release them.

    Your question is a good one in that many folks think what letting go is, is really suppressing. OR, as you are asking, is really wanting to get rid of a feeling. The first two fundamental ways to let go are A. To just drop a feeling like we would a pen or a shoe. To just let go and let the item just drop out of our hands onto the floor, or B. To welcome the feeling. Welcoming has synonyms that can help to understand what welcoming really is. Synonyms for welcoming are, allowing, noticing, opening to, inviting, giving room to, being with, etc. Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go and in many ways it is the most powerful. It certainly is the opposite to wanting to get rid of or resisting or pushing away a feeling. Releasing is really about allowing feelings to be here fully so that we are not suppressing them or wanting to get rid of them so that they can organically and fully release. Why is fully releasing of value? Well, because we have a tendency to do the opposite. We have a tendency to hold onto to feelings and never fully process them so that they can release and so that we can be liberated from unprocessed feelings. We can still bring all the wisdom that we accrue from past experiences without being burdened by unprocessed feelings that can and often do stand in the way of our goals and our peace and happiness.

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      I know that feelings should be welcomed...but after welcoming the feeling, when i ask myself the question "can i let this emotion go" is it means to welcome the feeling (take the emotion with me)?, or is it means to let this feeling go away out of the body (allow emotions to leave the body) ?