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  • Release on a new house


    I live in a cramped apartment with wife and a 2 year old child. Its not really working living there and we feel that its becoming increasingly difficult as the child gets older. We dont really have large living space. What is the most effective and quickest way to release on getting a house?


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    Annike suggested the goal ' I now allow myself to have the best home for me.' I wonder if that would be a useful place to begin.
    good luck



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      Hi robbiezen!

      Yes, zannierose is correct. A good place to start is to create a goal statement like the example she offered and release on that. If that statement doesn't resonate with you then find your own words using the guidelines in the book or workbook. All of the processes are equally effective and expedient. It is however helpful to know that when we want to rush our process we tend to slow it down by getting in the way of things unfolding. Let go of wanting to rush as best you can. And give yourself over to releasing as fully as you can so that you can get out of the way of things unfolding in the best way possible.

      Keep us posted on how things unfold,


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        Thank you Zannierose!!

        Oh sweet Delilah, its been a while since we last chatted here. I have heard it said here in releasing community that we must let go of desire of anything we want. That we must come to a place that it is ok with us whether we get the goal or not. Now, this has been an enormous challenge to me. I must be honest and say that it would NOT be Ok with me whether I get the goal or not. It is not very good for this family to live in this small place where frustration and bad habits thrive. I really dream of a house. It is the primary goal in my life now. I can really buy into the "losing the desire" part of a goal, because it is way better to HAVE your goal realised in your hands than constantly dreaming and yearning and desiring it, thus pushing it away. But in doing that, what if I lose the interest in having the house? Do you see what I mean? By getting rid of the desire and getting to a place where its ok with me if I get the house or not, what if I lose the interest in a new house?? I do NOT want to get to a place where its ok if I get the house or not, I don't wish to lose the interest and drive to achieve the goal. Having a house for this family is really priority number 1, and its not just an ego thing, but a real concern for this family, and we are not living optimally here.


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          Hi robbiezen!

          I think you might be confusing imperturbability with apathy. When we are apathetic we have lost interest in things. When we are imperturbable we are open, curious, energetic, enthusiastic, ready, creative, joyful etc.