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  • Question on wanting


    Could you please help me understand why in the book Hale says "the best place to get what we want is from the position where it is ok whether we get it or not," but in "Absolute Freedom" he says "the more we want freedom the quicker we get it"? How come this doesn't apply to material things or any other dream? The more we want a car, the quicker we get it, or the more we want a fit body, the quicker we get it? He also says wanting equates lack. To want or not to want?

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    Great question Sergiums!

    The reason that Lester and Hale talk about wanting freedom and write that "The more we want freedom, the quicker we get it.", is because freedom is the ultimate state. go for freedom and everything else falls into place. Wanting things or certain outcomes isn't bad or wrong. When we are attached to the wanting, IOWS clutching, clinging, gripping, grabbing, etc. it causes us to contract inside. And that blocks having. So Lester came up with the word hootless. We are hootles when we are OK if we get the thing AND if we don't. IOWS we are free.



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      Thank you, Delilah, for taking the time to respond. I struggled a lot with the question because it seemed to be a contradiction. I will think more about what you wrote. I absolutely love Sedona method because it has helped me become more productive by releasing resistance, I stopped fighting with my mom since I began releasing wanting to control and has completely dissolved the morning depression. But there are some things that I struggle with, like this one with wanting freedom. I will meditate on what you wrote. Have a beautiful day.
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        You're very welcome Sergiums!