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Over a Year Being Unemployed

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  • Over a Year Being Unemployed

    Last year I graduated hoping to find a great job that I love with my degree, however, after applying to exciting jobs and my dream jobs in different countries and never hearing anything back, I came to realise that I would not be getting a dream job, and that is when I was faced with the reality of the pressure of getting just any job in order to make money for myself. The only problem was that I just hated the idea of getting a 'real job' - because what I believe to be a 'real job' is a job that you dread waking up to in the morning, where you do work that you don't like, surrounded by people you don't like with a boss that hates and targets you. After months of dreaming of amazing jobs I felt sick at the idea of this and its been months since then and I cannot bring myself to 'want' a job or apply for this kind of job because it fills me with dread. While I've been working on the pressure I feel to get this job, as soon as I feel better about that I also feel utter hatred for being unemployed, it feels like I am stuck between not wanting a job and not wanting to be unemployed. I would love nothing more than to overcome this situation and feel like I have a meaning to my life finally after over a year.
    Please help. Thank you.

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    Hi Bethbc!

    Welcome all the resistance you have to getting " a real job" so that it can come up and release. Just welcome it and keep on welcoming it until it releases fully. Also, do the same with any resistance to being unemployed. Keep welcoming until there is no resistance at all and you feel imperturbable about working anywhere, and not working at all. Welcome all the disapproval you have for yourself around this so that too can come up and release. And welcome all the disapproval for any job that comes to mind. Make sure you welcome any apathy also so that that can come up and be released too.

    We already have meaning. We are the meaning. We don't need a particular job in order to have meaning.