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Doubt attack!!

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  • Doubt attack!!

    I've been releasing consistently since January and I have never felt better. There have been some great gains. This morning I opened my releasing journal and wrote down a few things that were up for me in the moment. I started to work through the list and all of a sudden, I felt a weight and a profound sense of doubt that the Sedona Method could actually help me experience "Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well Being". Where the heck did that come from!? It's not the first time this has happened. It seems to happen right before I have some kind of breakthrough. So I'm not making it "Real". but it's still sticking around.
    Then this afternoon I received the Supercourse which I ordered Sunday! No coincidence there. So I'm starting from the top; Chapter One, CD1. If I was in a John Wayne movie I'd be saying, "Cover me! I'm going in! xoxo

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    What a fantastic share David T!!!

    That weight and profound sense of doubt are just energy coming up to be released. They are just the next things to be released. And doubt is like any other feeling. Find where it is in the body in THIS moment and allow it to be here so it can bubble up fully and release.

    You are covered my friend! Your cover is the fact that you've had a real and actual experience with feeling better since January. That's a fact, an actual fact. Nothing covers us better than that.

    Please let us know how the Supercourse unfolds for you.