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If not Writers block more like a speed bump

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  • If not Writers block more like a speed bump

    I finished the second draft of the screenplay of a short film I'm writing and sent it off to my film making/writing mentor for some feedback. He wrote back and I sincerely love what he wrote to me and the notes he gave me. However, my next feeling / thought was I don't know how to do what he asked. (make dialogue less direct, give each character their own voice). I get what he means but in this moment I don't know how to do it. So what do I release on so I can move on to the third draft? Thank-you.

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    Hi David T!

    Congratulations on completing a second draft!

    First release on wanting to figure it out. Also release on wanting to do it right.

    Also, you might ask him if he could give you a hint or two about how to go about doing what he suggests. Another thing you might do is go to the library and see what they have on writing dialogue and character development. It might help if you look at Amazon for a book or two that have info about that and then go to the library and ask them if they have that or those books. If not ask them if they can get them from another library. Usually they can. But release before doing any of this.



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      I have been releasing on wanting to be a brilliant writer and a terrible writer. I've also been releasing on Lust. Looking too far past the task of the present; writing the third draft, to winning the Grand prize at some short film festival. The library is closed now but I'm going tomorrow first thing. I'm taking your suggestions to heart and putting them into practice. Thank-you xo


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        Fantastic David T!

        Keep us posted on how things unfold,