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Strong desire to release

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  • Strong desire to release

    Hello everyone,
    I have a very strong want and desire to be able to release and go free.
    I try to let go of the clutching and lack feelings but they seem to not want to release.
    I feel like I am self sabotaged by my wanting and desire to to release keeping me from being able to.
    I try to follow both Hale and Larry to try and find something that works.
    Larry says to put an imaginary straw in it (tried this and the open window)and simply let the lacking feelings go but cant seem to get it to work.
    I try the releasing questions as well from Hale.
    Any suggestions would be appreciated

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    There are many things you can play with

    Could you welcome or embrace this strong desire for releasing, fully allow it to be here?
    Could you welcome any wanting to change,control,fix, let it go or do anything with or about this desire?
    Could you welcome any sense that this desire is personal, about you or attached to you?
    Could you let it go? Would you ? When? Remember holding a pen or an object in your hand and simply dropping it

    Release the belief that you are sabotaging yourself. See which want it stirs up inside.
    or release the beliefs that you have about releasing, either in a linear manner or by taking one positive belief, then one negative and so on

    If you are disapproving yourself for feeling that way you can release on your disapproval and love yourself instead

    Check to see if there's any resistance to releasing and simply welcome it and let it go


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      Thank you. I will work on this.


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        Hi Stratpckr!

        Notice the actual experience of the strong desire. How can you tell that it's strong? Usually we can tell when a feeling is strong by how it feels in the body. So see if you can allow the strong feeling to be here and notice what that actually feels like, where is it in the body? Really look around inside and notice where the strong desire is located in the body in this moment. When we bring awareness to a feeling we are automatically welcoming it. So simply notice the feeling of desire, where it is in t he body, and see if you can stay with it. Noticing the sensation of the strong desire will allow you to keep opening to it organically. Again, this is welcoming. Noticing is a synonym of the word welcoming. Notice what happens inside while you do this exploration. Does anything change inside? Does it get more intense or less intense? Explore other feelings this way. Notice a feeling and see where it is in the body in this moment. Bring awareness to it and allow yourself to notice the feeling as it is. Stay with it. If the mind wonders, once you realize it has, gently bring it back to the feeling. If the feeling is getting more or less intense, that means that there is some movement, some energy is moving. If you can stay with it, you'll find that a release has happened. If it feels like nothing is happening, don't worry. that just means that your radar hasn't had enough practice noticing how energy moves and releases. If you're patient and persistent, you will start to notice that something is happening, something is releasing.

        Do the same thing with the clutching. Notice the clutching. Just observe it. Be with it. Bring awareness to it. Notice where it is and as best you can see if you can allow it to clutch as much as it is in this moment. This is welcoming. This is the second most fundamental way to release.

        See if you can bring the same approach to the questions. Notice what's actually going on in the body when you hear or read the questions. That information will let yo see how the releasing is going.

        Also, answer all releasing questions honestly. We can have fabulous releases even if we get no for an answer.

        Patience and persistence is the key.



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          Thanks Delilah.I am confident that I can notice it.
          Sometimes I see my wanting to control the process in the way although not while I am caught up in the turmoil.