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  • Having trouble releasing

    I’ve been using TSM since last thanksgiving, and when i first used the method i released so effortlessly and it felt great but as i have continued to use the method its impact has been overall positive but i can’t seem let go of certain things and i can’t keep a momentum when releasing. I’ll start to release on things then something comes up and i get stuck and even when i release the stuckness it stays. When i first used the method i was able move up into courage, acceptance, then eventually peace, since then I am only able to move up into courage and barely into acceptance, and if i get into those i am only able to stay in those for short period of time. My intention with this post is to figure out how to be able to release like i did in the beginning. It seems as if i have ruined the method, because when i first started the method i didn’t ever fully go through the course and would skip around the book. Only just recently have i actually read the whole book. I just hope that i am able to release effortlessly. Thank you

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    Hi Xave!

    First, you can't ruin the Method! It's OK if you jumped around.

    Second, sometimes when we go deeper it can feel harder to release.

    Remember, wanting to get rid of the stuck makes the stuck more stuck. So, could you let go of wanting to get rid of the stuck? Would you if you could? When would you if you could?

    So, you can consciously resist the stuck and really really resist so that you can experience the resistance and then see what happens when you let go of the resistance.

    Or you could welcome the stuck, allow it to be here, notice what want it stirs up and welcome that too. Welcoming stuck is a "sneaky" way to release stuck. Keep opening up to it more and more, give it as much room as it needs. Notice it, bring awareness to it without trying to push or pull at it and if often releases that way.