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  • No life interests

    Background in brief.... I found the Sedona Method in March 2019 and began with the Supercourse. I had just left my job after burnout. Since then, I have listened to many, many Sedona Method courses and programs.

    I'm currently listening to the Happiness & Joy Course.

    I'm also working on Effortless Creation (I've listened to it twice & listen to the releasing portions daily).

    My goal is: "I allow myself to have a net income of at least $10,000/month." This is a stretch goal for me which I chose, in part, because I have not allowed myself to have much money, and I want to bring up all of the beliefs and aversions around having money. Also, I want to pay off debt and have nice things.

    After about 9 months of rest and releasing, I want to be in the flow of life. However, besides listening to releasing, I don't have any life interests. And, I sometimes wonder if my interest in releasing is either, 1) to have *something* to do, or 2) to escape.

    It's almost like I've reached a point where I am content with being awareness while at the same time I am feeling dissatisfaction. Maybe like I'm ready to have the inward changes have outward manifestation?

    I'm not sure what questions I have, but these are the ones that come to mind:

    1. What releasing would help me to find interests in life?
    2. How do I begin living life?
    3. I have a great opportunity in not having to work and I'm afraid I'll waste it.
    4. How can I be satisfied that I am currently living in the flow of life even if it doesn't look like what I think it should?

    I think that reaching out to others has a power of it's own, so thank you for reading.

    If you have thoughts on any of this, feedback is also appreciated!

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    here's the hearts desire release from Effortless Creation .


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      Thank you for the YouTube link, Zannierose. I liked having the video of this release.

      I have been doing the Effortless Creation releases daily (mostly) for about 2-3 weeks. Interestingly, when it comes to the releases "What is Your Heart's Deepest Desire," and "Action Steps Brainstorm," I often have no responses come up. I usually then release on having no response.


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        have you done any holistic releases ? eg 'I am not interested in life' /' I am interested in life'


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          Hi Maitri!

          You might find exploring this topic using the advantages and disadvantaged process that can be found in the Super Course.
          Essentially this process would allow you to explore what the advantages and disadvantages are of having no life interests while releasing and all sorts of interesting things that would otherwise remain hidden from consciousness.

          Please keep us posted on how things unfold,


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            Thank you for your responses and support Zannierose and Delilah

            This morning I had a breakthrough using the "Heart's Deepest Desire" release. Whereas before there was just a feeling of numbness, now desires started coming up for me!

            I'm excited to try your other ideas of holistic releasing and advantages/disadvantages.


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              great news- thanks for the update


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                In the Sedona Method book, Hale recommends doing the Advantages/Disadvantages 9 times in a row. I've called this one "round" of releasing.

                I've completed 3 rounds of releasing on "What is the advantage/disadvantage to having no life interests?"

                After the first round, I felt like there was more space around this topic. I also felt like I was going deeper as evidenced by the number of sighs I was emitting & the general discomfort. I felt like I needed a break & took some time off.

                I later did rounds 2&3 back-to-back.

                After round 2, I noted: "It feels like a lot of the hold this had over me has dissolved. I feel more neutral about it now than knotted.
                I find that the wants for the disadvantages don’t really translate. I’m usually just picking one."

                After round 3, I started to wonder whether or not it mattered that I have no life interests. I wondered if it really was terrible that I'm not "doing anything with my life." I don't know if this is just another level of apathy coming to the surface or if this is acceptance.

                I'm sharing this level of detail in part in case it may help anyone who reads this.

                I'll be working on this some more. I plan to try the holistic release later tonight.


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                  That's wonderful Maitri!

                  Thank for taking the time to share this great gain with us all!



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                    I worked on the holistic releasing last night. Between the adv/disadv and holistic releasing, I realized that part of what is holding me back is that I have a history of getting very passionate about my interests. This can lead to a single-minded focus, which I enjoy, but can also be detrimental. Since I have recently experienced burnout, I think either: 1) there is some fear of getting overly involved in something, and/or 2) I'm tired of the cycle of getting passionate about a subject only to drop it. Since leaving work in March, I have had a few intense interests that have come and gone.

                    The holistic releasing also showed me that I do have interests, they're just not all-consuming interests. This provided me with some space.

                    I then experienced some resistance in the form of apathy today. So, I spent time releasing on feeling resistance. I also did a heart meditation. These combined have created a sense of balance and connectedness to the whole.



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                      excellent news..noticing patterns....expecting them to repeat...could you let go of wanting or expecting the old patterns to repeat?


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                        I like this idea, Zannierose. I'm grateful to both you and Delilah for your time & expertise!

                        I'm actually in the midst of a pattern that I expect to repeat.

                        It seems like whenever I start to feel better or do better, I have backlash. I was doing well with releasing on this subject and others, and I began to feel much better.

                        However, yesterday I felt apathy in the form of boredom & dissatisfaction. Today I felt apathy in the form of depression and worthlessness. Today I've been doing the basic releasing (could you welcome...; could you release....; would you release...; when?). I don't feel like it's made much of a dent, tho.

                        Whenever I feel like this, it is harder to think of solutions. If anyone has any specific guidance, I would appreciate it!


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                          Hi Maitri!

                          Letting go of wanting to change patterns paradoxically can allow for patterns to release. Specifically releasing on wanting to change the pattern.
                          And letting go of wanting to find solutions/figuring things out can be freeing and open us to seeing things more clearly and discovering solutions that never occurred to us.

                          When we feel low, letting go of wanting to feel better can be more impactful than releasing in order to feel better because that's just resisting what's here right now.

                          Basic releasing is always helpful even if it doesn't seem like it is. Sometimes releasing needs to happen in layers. That means the the top layers don't feel like much but if we keep going suddenly there is tipping point and things open up for us.



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                            This helped out a lot, Delilah. Thank you! As soon as I let go of resisting wanting to change what I was feeling, I felt relief. I'm back on track
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