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  • A new Guitar?

    A couple of months ago I shared on the Facebook page my gain of manifesting a guitar. I enjoy having it and am practicing. However, it's not a very good guitar but I knew that going in. It's my learner. Though I can't afford another guitar I still think about having one that's easier to play and with a richer sound. So I've spent a little time on the web looking at Gibson's and Martins and just exploring guitars and playing in general. In my searching, I've discovered Zagar guitars. They are designed for easy playing (especially for people with big hands and thick fingers, like me) and are known for their great sound. When and if I get a new guitar it will be a Zagar. So I've been releasing on "I now have a Zagar Easy Play guitar with the accessory and lesson package." At first, I laughed out loud every time I visualized having one but it feels like I'm becoming more and more hootless. One of the ways they promote their guitars is to have a weekly give away contest. It's a great way for them to market their guitars through social media. So (finally) here's my guestion; do I release on winning the contest or do I just keep releasing on having one. Or both? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. xoxo

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    Good luck! I would begin with 'having' , which allows for a guitar to arrive in your world in limitless ways. I might mix it up a bit with ' I now allow myself to be a winner'.


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      Thanks, Zannierose. Great Suggestion! The old-school metaphysicians would call wanting something in a specific way "outlining". Appreciate the reminder of the limitless ways it can show up and allowing myself to be a winner could be a real good goal to work on. xoxo