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How do I let this go?

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  • How do I let this go?

    I take care of my mom. She has a slew of health issues. And it's hard because she doesn't want to do the things she has to. And she has mental illness (untreated) on top of it. Anyways, when I was a kid, she kinda brainwashed me. To her? The whole point of having kids was to have people to take care of her. And she used to hit me a lot when I was young and I didn't know why. Like if I wanted to go to bed and she didn't want to watch TV alone, she'd hit me and make me stay awake.

    I feel stuck in this situation. Because my income went to shit by taking care of her. I moved in and I shouldn't have. So now I feel trapped. And I feel like this is one big story, that, if I could let it go, I could get on with my life. She needs a nursing home. But because I take care of so much stuff, she doesn't see it at all. Lol, I met a woman. And liked her a lot. But kinda had to tell her I couldn't do a relationship right now because of the situation I am in.

    But I'm also seeing how that's kind of an extension of allowing my mom to control me. If that makes any sense at all.

    What I would love?

    Is for my income to increase quickly. Get my own place again. Her go into a nursing home. And if I meet another great woman (or that one), I could actually pursue a relationship with them.

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    During your every day life, you could do holistic releases eg could I resist my mother as much as I do /could I accept my mother as best I can?

    An overarching goal could be eg ' I allow myself to have a happy life'.

    let us know how you get on



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      Hi Humble!

      Have you done the clean up procedure on your mother? This procedure might help to free you up enough to see more clearly how to handle things with your mother. You can find this procedure on page 124 in the Super Course workbook, and page 233 in The Sedona Method book.



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        It's been up and down. That woman kinda ghosted me after telling her I couldn't do a relationship right now. So that brought up a lot of insecurity and hurt. And my mom's about the same. I'm just gonna let it hurt for right now. Not forever. But right now.