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Does God want me to be poor?

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  • Does God want me to be poor?

    While working on Effortless Creation goals and listening to the New Goal Course I had a realization that I believe that God wants me to be poor. I get that this God is my childhood version of God and makes little sense. However... So I'm doing Triple Welcoming, Asking the three questions and letting go of wants. I'm also asking myself could I accept that the Power that knows the way is prospering me right now. I find I can only do three passes of this protocol at a time. Any more and I start feeling nausea. Then I just focus on releasing that feeling of nausea. PS. I also discovered that I have the belief that God wants to punish and torment me. Interestingly I feel resistance when people talk about the 5th way, which I just understand as a nonduality concept of the Deity which I feel most aligned to. This all feels like a breakthrough ready to happen. I would appreciate any insights or suggestions. xoxo David

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    it is interesting to uncover these beliefs isn't it. I discovered a belief that God does not love me and does not want me to be happy.

    I find the EC guidance to let go of such beliefs is very helpful.

    Although I do not wish nausea on you, I think it is great that it has been accessed and that it is being released.

    Have you explored writing your goals in the different ways Hale suggests in the new goals 'David is allowed to be prosperous /to prosper.'

    I also wonder about 'I AM prosperity '

    It sometimes seems as if I can only reach the level of Pride when we are invited to sit back and rest as Beingness etc as looking back at Zannie rose and her goals there's an element looking down on her/sneering at her pathetic little goals...good job I just keep going!


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      Thanks, Zannierose.xo


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        Hi David T!

        Sounds like you are doing a great job releasing!

        zannierose's suggestions are excellent.