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  • Stuck on lust

    For the past month I’ve had a crush on this girl, which is fine but I have this weird like lustful possessive feeling that I can’t seem to let go of. I’ve tried to release the stuckness, the lust. But it still persists, I always end up running into this feeling when I like someone and it is really annoying. Just wondering if there is any solution to this.

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    I think the key might be that you don't allow yourself to experience certain feelings, you think they are wrong, so they stay and keep layering until they feel toxic. What you resist - persists.
    And maybe you don't wanna look what's there, you think you'll find something unpleasant about yourself.

    So welcoming the lust and welcoming the thoughts that stirs up without any censoring - could be a good starting point. This could help you see what beliefs or memories (about yourself or girls) are causing that stuckness.
    And then you could release those beliefs and let go of feelings about memories.

    Also cleanup procedure is a very effective tool when you have strong feelings about someone.

    Hope that'll help