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Wanting Disapproval

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  • Wanting Disapproval

    I’ve been noticing a very strong tendency in me to want disapproval, mainly accompanied by emotions of anger and pride.
    The polarities of the other Wants seem self evident - Security/Deathwish, Control/Being Controlled, Seperateness/Oneness all make sense.

    But when I’m letting go of wanting disapproval I keep getting stuck on trying to figure out why I want it in the first place.
    Of course then I move to letting go of trying to figure it out, but unlike the other Wants, wanting disapproval just seems pointless and ridiculous yet I can still feel how compelling it is.
    Any insights would be appreciated

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    Hi mjclark!

    There are all sorts of reasons for why we want disapproval. If you keep releasing on this you will find understanding and insight that is totally relevant for you.

    You are doing a great job releasing. It's a good sign that you are noticing how compelling wanting disapproval is. It shows how open you are to letting go of even deeper things that don't make sense to the conscious/logical mind. Good job!



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      Thanks! That’s very helpful and encouraging - I’d forgotten that the insights come after as a result of the releasing, not before as a cause of it!!
      Overthinking and trying to work things out are big ways that I try to control so it’s really useful to be reminded to let go of that.
      Ha ha - I’d rather HAVE the insights than WANT them


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        ...and as I’ve continued releasing on wanting disapproval it’s become really clear that one of my main reasons for this is to keep myself “safe” from intimacy by alienating others.
        This has been a persistent behaviour throughout my whole life but only by letting go have I become aware of it.
        Wow... just wow!


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          it's very interesting what becomes revealed when we just keep on keeping on with releasing.