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  • Welcoming

    Hi dear letting goers!

    I wonder how to be than I'm doing Welcoming. For example I have a situation or feeling about something. I'm welcoming feeling for about my somebody. Let be sorrow. And while I do this next feeling come in or feelings about other person, or resistance, or desire. What should I do about this? Switch to the new feeling or person? Or stay with first feeling until it disapear? I'm asking cause new feeling may much more strong. And if yes, than I should stop? Becouse in this way I may letting go while I let go everything

    Or other example is resitance. Than I welcoming it in the resistance rise lot of feeling: anger, pride and so on... Is it best to switch or continue with resistance?

    Or Anger. It ver often go with pride or lust. What to let go?

    I'm asking because in TSM book says that it's needed to work only with 1 feeling at one time.

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    Hi Vitaly!

    Releasing can work either way. You can stick with your original focus by simply bringing awareness back to the original feeling once you realize your mind has wondered or you can keep welcoming whatever comes up. You'll notice that either way, the mind circles back to the same things again and again if we didn't fully release them. Do whatever works best for you in any given moment.