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Fear of releasing. Should I release on that?

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  • Fear of releasing. Should I release on that?

    I’m afraid of releasing. I think maybe something else should be done, like rationalizing or something. Can releasing help in all cases? I feel I'm afraid of just screwing up. Should I release also on that?
    Sorry if sounds too irrational; I’m just stuck, and I want to ge out of this.

    thank you for your help!!!

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    Hi Nicorav!

    You are not alone in this.And it's great that you have to courage to be open about this.

    One of the things we forget is that releasing is an internal process. And so, releasing doesn't mean that we don't bring our rational mind to bare on situations. What happens when we release is that our mind works even better when we release internally. If we understand that releasing doesn't mean we are giving up and/or not taking action steps, that releasing is for the purpose of freeing ourselves up to have to mind work better and for having more ease when taking action steps then we find that releasing is highly effective in supporting us in so many ways.

    Yes, releasing on anything and everything can be helpful if we keep the above in mind.
    And YES! Release on being afraid of screwing up. Letting go of fear of screwing up is helpful whether we are releasing or not.

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      Totally get where you're coming from.

      When I released my first EP I was panicking like mad right up until I sent the last files off to my producer friend. After that - quiet. It was done. I couldn't go back.

      Without getting too hippie-dippie about it, I think it has to do with a part of your mind knowing that it's going from something that potentially could be, to something that is, in actuality. There's a part of you that's fearing that transition and maybe also afraid of finding out how good (or bad) you (and your music) really is. And that's okay. It's to be expected. It's why people get stage fright, writer's block, procrastinate indefinitely, develop drug addictions (wouldn't recommend it), and so on and so forth.

      Since the first release, it's gotten way better. I still nervous as fuck before going on stage, but way less so when releasing stuff online.

      I think a key point is to distance yourself from the result. Because what you make, your music isn't you. It's really easy to think that, especially in the beginning, and when you do, every criticism/something someone said that could be construed as something not positive/people not saying anything about it, becomes something that you take as directed directly at you, as a person, psychology artist, and soul. And that sucks anxiety - big time. In my opinion mental health, it's much better to look at your music as the best work you were capable of at the time and as something that's a stepping stone to the next piece you'll make. That way, it's not really you - it's a snapshot in time of what you were capable of at the time.

      And then there's the factor of overestimating how much people will care. Most people won't say anything at all - it's not that you suck, it's just that there's so much of everything out there, that they'll hardly trauma notice. Most of the self-confidence people who do eating disorder notice you releasing it will likely think positively of you. And for the one/few who don't - fuck 'em. There will always be negative assholes - you can't live your life placating them.

      So yeah, totally get where you're coming - but do it anyway. You'll feel much better for it and you'll learn a lot.
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