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  • Need an advise

    Hello all!
    I just introduced myself, because I do not remember, I actually did that before.
    I'm mixed up with my works on SM. Started Cds, then stopped. Now I have intention to continue. Should i start from the first one or continue, where I stopped?
    Another thing. Should I release regularly all emotions from lowest every day? If I do not feel fear right now, should I remember, when I had? Or should I release something I feel now. What about if I do not have or do not feel big negativity right now. Just nothing happens. Actually I have an appointment about which I worry, even i tell myself " I do not worry".
    Thank you

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    Hi illa!

    You don't have to start from the beginning if you don't feel like it. Many of us listen to the recordings over and over so if we do that we don't have to start from the beginning when we come back to the them because we'll get around to the beginning the next go-round.

    There is no one right way to work with The Sedona Method. If releasing with the feelings works for you then do that.

    As for your appointment, have you tried to welcome the worry so that it can come up and release more fully. Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to release so see if you can explore this for yourself.



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      Thank you Delilah!
      Ok, I'll do that. And yes, when I allowed the worry to be, it subsided.


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        I had my appointment. Nothing new happened. At least I'm given 5 month to not think and worry about next visit to surgeon.
        I have condition of me neck area spine, which can not be treated anyhow, but with a surgery, doctors say. Surgery can not help much and may make it worse. So I do not want to have it.
        I read how Joe Dispenza healed his 6 broken vertebraes without surgery.
        if he could, I can too.
        Joe Dispenza and Tolle say same thing - to be in the now. Sedona Method also says the same, right? But instead of creating the positive desirabl future by applying positive emotions now, SM takes away all which is not positive and the person is left then with positive. Same thing? Only SM offers a much easier way ?


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          Hi illa!

          One of the questions we often ask in The Sedona Method is, "What's here now?" That question alone brings our attention to the "now" and invites us to notice what is actually happening right now. All the questions in TSM are deceptively simple. And they are highly effective. TSM is really the "how to" for being in the present moment. Answer the questions honestly, not how you want to answer them or how you think you should, welcome what ever your answer is, allow it to be here and see what happens.



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            Thank you, Delilah!