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  • Feelings getting stronger

    I came across the Sedona method only recently. I had some relief from feelings of anxiety the first several times I did a releasing process (with Hale as a guide using the online 6 session Letting go made easy program). Yesterday and today as I listened to and watched session 2 again and tried releasing I had less luck. While I am able to acknowledge (maybe not welcome) the feelings of fear and anxiety, and also to acknowledge the feelings of wanting to resist and change and control this unpleasant anxious state, the anxiety grew stronger and I can not seem to release it. . I feel stuck and quite distressed and caught in a dense gripping state of anxiety. What am I doing wrong? How can I let go of this anxiety as well as the resistance - of just wanting to escape!?

    And then when I ask myself if I COULD just let it go, I freeze - I don't know the answer eventhough I am wishing to be able to let it go. Feeling very discouraged.

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    Hi JEM!

    You're not doing anything wrong. In fact you are doing just fine. Sometime when we release the thing we are releasing on gets more intense. As best you can allow the process to unfold and remember that a "no" answer is as good as "yes" answer.

    Also, sometimes a counter-intuitive question like, "Could you let go of wanting to feel better?" can help. Again, welcome your answer even if you get a "no" for an answer.



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      Thank you Delilah. I'll keep trying. I am planning to attend the live online retreat in June and trust I will learn more about how to effectively use the SM.


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        That's wonderful JEM!!!

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