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Girlfriend, Wanting Approval from her and being stuck with it

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  • Girlfriend, Wanting Approval from her and being stuck with it

    Hi, while riding bicycle i got hit by a car and nothing bad happened, just had a bruise. I got this feeling that i came close to death. im very lucky and feel blessed that nothing happened. Since then a lot of anger, lust, jealousy is a big one and desires came up. It feels like my body is letting up all the supressed stuff and it's so overwhelming and hard for me. I'm feeling stuff i've never felt before. Its getting worse and worse and i feel like i don't know how to handle it. Since than my realationship with my girlfriend is going south, i feel like im chasing her approval all the time and she lives 200-300 miles away so i can't be with her. The thoughts i get are, she's probably hanging out with some guy right now, she's probably cheating on me and all the fuzz. I've never experienced myself being that jealous. It is so intimidating. Since than we're currently having no cantact and it really feels like i dont know what to do. It feels so hard and so intense, i dont get how it got that far. I've experienced so much love in life and all of a sudden in a matter of hours everything just turned the other way around.

    I would be so grateful if someone could talk about theyr experience! I would be happy about any answer...

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    Going through the same thing, a tough thing when you’re young. For me it’s different, there’s a girl I’m in contact with daily who’s said she doesn’t want a romantic relationship with me and I’ve noticed lots of feelings of wanting her approval or to win her over, also jealousy at the idea of her ending up with someone else and me being stuck watching it. It seems like a jealousy stack takes longer to run out, but will chip away slowly. I found letting myself be jealous was useful to run it out, e.g can you imagine her with someone else who is funnier than you and smarter, then as strong as the jealousy gets say “I’m not jealous enough I ask for more of this”, than let go of wanting to change the feelings or if that’s to hard just sit and really experience them out. If part of you wants to hang on to wanting approval I would advice not, woman have a sixth sense with this thing and there is nothing less attractive to a woman than a man who is too needy, or conversely more attractive than a man who doesn’t need them. So don’t listen to the feelings if they try to convince you to hang on to them. In the Sedona method book I remember hale saying it was hard when he met his wife because she was interested in lots of people at the same time he met her, jealousy is a real pain in the ass in my experience don’t be discouraged if it takes a few months even to clear but it will of your intention is consistent and once you clear it it’s sorted for the rest of your life. Good luck