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Can't get into ACTION to reach my GOAL

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  • Can't get into ACTION to reach my GOAL

    Hi there!

    I've been working towards the same goal for years now... but since learning the Sedona Method I've realised I really just want to "be" instead of being in a constant state of action and doing... working towards a goal feels pointless when what I want is to just be however I realise I need to take action to provide an income in this physical world... I just can't find the energy to take action anymore and am not doing anything... I believe I still want the end goal but the action steps get there feel time consuming, endless and draining and not seeing the results I want... the more I stay stuck in this state the more helpless I feel about it all... I once would have forced myself to take action and ended up burnt out. How do I move forward?


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    Hi melm1111!

    One of the keys to your dilemma is the idea of burn out. No one wants to experience burn out. So release on the belief that in order to accomplish your goal you have to reach the point of burn out. It might be helpful to write out how the scenario unfolds and ends up in burn out and release on each step, from a-z and let go of the tendency to repeat that pattern. And while you are doing that check and see if there is resistance to burn out. It's not unreasonable to resist burn out. So welcome the resistance so that it can fully release. And lastly, release on the belief that they only way you will accomplish your goal is to reach the point of burn out. When you shake loose of the belief you're more likely to be able to find a way to work that doesn't result in burning out.

    Also, release on the advs/disavs of accomplishing the goal and not accomplishing the goal. It can be eye opening to explore goals using this process.

    I know this may sound confusing but sometimes people confuse "being" with apathy. When I hear someone say "I just can't find the energy to take action anymore and am not doing anything.", that sounds like apathy. This isn't a failing so much as it's just another layer that is coming up to be released. And if the belief that if you "work" towards you goal you will end up burned out, one can imagine how this would lead to apathy. It doesn't have to be a choice between no energy vs burn out.

    Please keep us posting on how things unfold for you,


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      Thank you I will try that!