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Releasing when feeling "HIGH"

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  • Releasing when feeling "HIGH"

    Hi everyone,

    I am new here and I have many questions, so happy to have found Lester and this forum!

    Lester mentions that we should continue to release when we are feeling "high" or feeling good as I am interpreting it. I am having an issue with this though, so when I feel good I have no emotions or intense feeling to work on, I feel calm and peaceful. I was thinking about him saying this after I had meditated, I meditate everyday, and I could not release at all while feeling my best-usually after meditating. If I try to pull up any emotion none really shows up or feels "up" I am rock solid peaceful. So I am wondering how can you do this when you aren't really feeling any emotions? And you can't force any to come up? You just feel peaceful and calm, two of the best feelings. If I move forward with asking the questions while I am feeling this way, I end up answering everything with "I guess so"...Would you allow it to leave? "I guess so"...etc. because I am not feeling anything.

    I have so many more questions and am so excited I have found people who can help me with this!

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    hi Harper,
    welcome to the forum.
    Great to know your are enjoying TSM

    Do you have any goals? If so, you could do some goal work - perhaps noticing the wants and letting them dissolve


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      Hi Harper!

      Lester used to ask himself "Can it get better than this?" and discovered that when he let go of "feeling calm and peaceful" he felt even better.
      Holding onto to any feeling, even good ones, is a hold back. Hale describes this as "sand falling through our fingers". Try it and see what happens.



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        Thank you Zannierose and Delilah for giving me two different ways of doing this!