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  • Releasing on relationships

    Hi there!

    I would love to focus on releasing on my relationships and would love some guidance as it feels overwhelming where to start!

    Firstly my marriage - I feel that I should leave as I feel he's just not someone I want to spend my life with and but have a lot of fear around the drama that will unfold as a result as we have a child involved... I want to focus on releasing all the resentment and negative feelings I have towards him to 1. See if anything shifts that makes me change my perception of our relationship and 2. If it's the right thing to leave make the transition as smooth as possible... but where do I start with releasing on this? Do I think of all my resentments etc as a whole and release on the accumulative feeling? There are personality things that really trigger me - how do I release on these aspects of him?

    Then there's family - similarly how do I release on such a build up of negative experiences over a lifetime? Do you need to release on each event that's affected you? What about releasing on emotional abuse/trauma? I had a difficult time in my teenage years with my mother and am not sure how to best approach releasing on that...

    And lastly relationships with friends - I feel I struggle to create the depth in my friendships that I would like to... what releases can I use to help me navigate this?

    Thanks guys

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    1) It seems as if doing the clean up procedure on your husband would be a good place to begin.
    You might need to do that more than once.

    2) When you feel lighter with regard to your husband, you could explore a goal such as ' I allow myself to have a harmonious relationship with my husband'

    When you feel more harmony,you could then explore a goal of leaving and a goal of staying with him.

    3) The clean up procedure could be helpful with each family member in turn

    4) I allow myself to have loving, harmonious relationships with other people

    zannie rose


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      Hi melm1111!

      Zannie rose's reply is brilliant. I would only add that doing an exploration using the Advantages/Disadvantages process to staying and leaving and being sure to release on the wants will help to really clarify what's in play for you so that you can make a decision with clarity.



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        Thank you both! What about releasing on personality traits that cause resistance? Being boastful & egotistical as an example...


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          Hi melm1111!

          If you are talking about your personality traits you can release on them. And we can also release on our reactions to other people's personality traits. Releasing the wants can very helpful when releasing on our traits as well as our reaction to other people's traits.

          For your freedom,