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Feeling stressed because of change

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  • Feeling stressed because of change

    Hello everyone,
    My name is Lorenzo and i have been releasing for about a year now.
    Recently i tackled the fear and anxiety that i had for years when suddenly it was all gone .
    Having lived with this much distress and suddenly feeling like i can do anything is kinda freaking me out and most importatly i feel like reality is totally different (in a positive way) and it feels very stressful.
    I have also been feeling dizzy and disoriented.

    Has this happened to anyone ?
    Should i see a medical professional ?
    Any advice ?

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    Hi Lorenzo!

    What wonderful gains you have had regarding the fear and anxiety! Good job!!!

    We here at TSM have no ability to determine whether or not you should see a professional. You'll have to decide that for yourself.
    Sometimes people do feel dizzy from releasing. It usually doesn't last for very long. It happens when we let go and energy pathways open up along with breathing. If it continues then yes, you should consider seeing a professional. In the many years that I have been helping people to release I have never heard anyone report that they feel disoriented. Again, because we do not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any physical condition we do recommend seeing a professional to get help when folks have questions about such things.



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      Hi Delilah,

      Thank you for the reply.

      Latetely i have been feeling better and im still getting used to the shift , the dizziness is gone and regarding the feeling disoriented i didnt mean phisicaly but more regarding life but i figured it must be pretty normal since i dropped alot of old habits.

      Thank you and the amazing sedona method comunity.



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        Thanks for clarifying Lorenzo! You're doing great!


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          Something for me that happens is after I release stuff and it may not be noticeable to me but then I go visit places I frequent and I see things I've never seen
          before. Like they've always been there but my ability to see what is has opened up a lot more. I also have experienced the sort of disorientation of being freed from things that have been cemented as an identity for so long. I usually don't make much of a deal about them and continue on enjoying the new experience.