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Are the questions necesary?

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  • Are the questions necesary?

    Hi. I am a Mexican guy and my English is not so good. I am really confused. My question is if you can let go a feeling without do the questions, letting go Is a natural capacity, children let go naturally, and I think that they don't use the questions, and release is something that everybody has done in its life. I was trying to release in this way without have success, I was pushing away, I tried to drop it, I tried to simply make the feeling disappear. But it simply doesn't work. So I am questioning if release is really a natural ability.

    Each time I do the questions the things are very different, it's like so easy to release after that.

    I think I need to give more context. I am a student of David R Hawkins, I started to practice his technique of letting go, I was doing the non resistance technique during 3 or 4 yeara with a lot of faith without results. Then I understood that the technique was about "letting go" literally, but the thing is that Hawkins don't tell you to make the questions (he only mention to do that a couple times) then I tried to let go directly with some results but was when I take the tree questions of the Sedona method seriously and I started to do the tree questions when the things really changed bad I felt the high happy state. But now I feel some uncomfortable about do the questions because that could mean that letting go is not a natural capacity but a linguistic trick or something. Or that could mean that the method is not about to choose to release but question yourself if you can release.

    ​​​​​​Is it posible release without do the questions. I am seriously thinking about stop make such that effort and just use the Sedona method with the tree questions. Today I spent all the day trying to release without the questions and I am disappointed.

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    hello Etzelian, welcome to the forum.

    if something is causing confusion, you can always use a different approach eg one of them is 'welcoming'
    So we can ask 'could I welcome this..(eg confusion) instead of using the 3 questions you mention.



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      Hi Etzelian!

      First, everything Hawkins knows about letting go, he learned from Lester Levensen when he studied with Lester. I can not speak to what Hawkins did and does now with what he learned from Lester because he is not Lester and not the source of these particular processes.

      We do let go naturally all day long without giving a thought about it. If we didn't we would be either physically or mentally ill. Sneezing, peeing, pooping, burping, farting, falling asleep, laughing, crying, exhaling, shifting focus of attention from one thing to another thing goes on all day long. The way that I try to explain why releasing is both natural and yet challenging when we intentionally try to let go in the beginning is to use dancing as an analogy. What is dancing? It's basically walking, moving to music in a particular way. We all walk without thinking about it. We all move the body without thinking about it. But suddenly when we decide to learn how to dance, especially a particular dance, suddenly we have no idea how to walk or move the body anymore. We feel terribly awkward. We have to concentrate. We have to practice. We have to teach the body how to walk and move even though we've been walking and moving all our lives.

      No one is required to release in any particular way. If you don't want to use the processes/questions the way they are presented in the TSM that's OK. Lester always says to "take things for checking". See how not using the questions works for you and how using the questions works for you and decide how to move forward based on your actual experience. Yes, the questions appear to be an intellectual process because they involve words and questions but it is also a modern process of self inquiry that uses the mind to go beyond the mind. It's also an energy modality. The questions are of a particular sort that support the bodymind to let go of attachments and aversions to all sorts of things. And TSM processes continue to evolve through Hale Dwoskin. Hale has been introducing new ways to ask questions that support releasing for several years now. It actually sounds like you know the answers to your questions from what you have posted here. Keep exploring things for yourself and see what actually works for you.