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have i the ruined the method ?

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  • have i the ruined the method ?

    i feel like my OCD ruined the method for me, and releasing is just not as simple as it was. My emotions are so scattered now and i just can’t let them go, especially around other people, my mind just will not let go.

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    releasing is so god damn hard it’s bullshit, my mind is more stressed now than it was before


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      Hi Xave!

      Nothing can ruin the Method. Sometimes we just need a little help.

      It's not uncommon to pressure oneself to let go since the hallmark of the method is letting go. But sometimes wanting to let go is really "wanting to get rid of" and that's really resistance, it's not letting go.

      So first ask yourself, "Could I let go of wanting to let go? Or could I let go of wanting to let that go?" And see if that doesn't relax you inside a bit.

      When the mind is scattered the best thing to do is to just allow the scattered thoughts to do whatever they are doing. IOWs just welcome/notice/allow each one as it comes up. Remember that welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go and it's very powerful. Also, see if you can let go of wanting to control the mind? Welcome whatever your answer is.

      And as best you can see if you can bring some gentlelovingkindness to your process. We don't have to push so hard or work so hard. All we have to do is learn how to ask the questions and answer them honestly, not how we think we should or how we want to and releasing will happen. Remember "no" is as good an answer as "yes". We can still have a great release even if we get "no" for an answer.