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    If I let go of the desire for separation and oneness,
    can I let go of the desire for control, safety, and approval automatically along with the desire for separation and oneness?

    2. If I let go of the desire for safety,
    can I let go of the desire for control, approval automatically along with the desire for safety?

    Will there ever be a day when the desires to let go is gone forever?

    I heard Lester experienced that day in three months.

    Thank u♡
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    Hi zbul985!

    I'll start with your last question first. Folks always seem to ignore the fact that by the time Lester had his epiphany after being diagnosed with terminal heart disease, he had explored many different religions, spiritual teachings, therapies and even the AA 12 step process over many years. He didn't have an alcohol issue, but he was interested in the 12 steps. In fact he said that the 12 steps were the closest thing to a letting go process. And I would add that it is not at all useful to compare our process to anyone else's in terms of how it unfolds and how long it takes to unfold.

    The answer to your other two questions is twofold. When we let go of one of the "wants" we are letting go of all of the wants. That just happens automatically because they are all interconnected. However, having said that, it's helpful to check and see if there is any other want that is still stirred up so that we can let go of that too.

    Processes like the 5th way that ask questions like, "In this moment, can you find the one that has any desire, or is desiring just happening?", can help shake loose any identification with any feeling, including desire to let go or to hold on.



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      Hi!!! Delilah

      I understand what you mean. and I'm reading it over and over again.

      You always help me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

      ★ I've been releasing with the last release question you gave me, and it's really, really, really refreshing.

      Thank you so much for your kind answer

      Have a nice day!!