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  • Getting into CAP

    I recently listened to a release technique support call and on that call the person who was leading it kept saying that you only release when you are high in CAP (Courageousness,acceptance,peace) and spends time getting people into CAP before trying to actually release,now, I noticed that Hale doesn't do it, from what I know he doesn't do it in the basic course and not in the Inner circle (the recordings that where made Before he started using the 5th way).
    I'm wondering is there really no releasing happening when in AGFLAP ?
    and if there isn't why doesn't hale mention it ?

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    Hi Jim,
    Hale does talk about the power of releasing when in CAP, but he doesn't work in the same way as Larry does with this. In my own experience, I find I have to release any feelings of apathy, grief, fear, lust, anger or pride when they are present, before I can go any further with any release. When I've seen Hale work with others at retreats, he will work with what is present.
    As a sidebar, one of my favorite ways to release when I'm feeling really stuck, is to move through the chart of emotions on the issue. So, for example, I will allow myself to feel as much apathy as I do about running a business and let that go, then feel as much grief as I do associated with running a business, fear, lust, anger, pride, courage, acceptance and peace. I find as one feeling is fully felt, the next one naturally arises and before I know it, the feelings of wanting to give up, of not knowing what to do, etc. are gone.



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      Jim, I think that the notion that you have to be in CAP before you can release, could be a source of confusion. It sounds as though you gotta get somewhere first (other than right here) or create some new situation, before you can let things go. To echo Melanie, we can only start right here, right now, where we are. When we release on our agflap in the present moment, we begin to uncover the CAP that lies just beneath. CAP is already here. It's not something we create. When we release on agflap, we discover CAP. Now it may be that when we are truly aware of CAP, that facilitates releasing. But CAP is not something we have to get to, in order to release.
      Ryu Yoshida


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        Getting into CAP? Try getting out of it!

        Hi Jim,

        We have an even simpler answer........everytime you ask yourself the question "Could I let it go?" and you reply "YES I CAN"
        You immediately invoke Courageousness, which is your natural state.

        All the best,

        Annrika & Tim
        Annrika James Sedona Method Instructor
        [email protected]


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          Melanie, do you find that process works even on non-specific issues? I find I spend a lot of time in apathy, but it doesn't seem to be about anything specific - just kind of life in general. Do you recommend doing the process on that? eg.. Could I allow myself to feel as much apathy as I do about life? etc...

          Your input is appreciated!