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Where to go next after releasing and your life gets better?

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  • Where to go next after releasing and your life gets better?

    Where to go next after releasing and your life gets better?
    Hi all

    So lately ive been reading happiness is free by hale dwoskin and lester. And in that book i found that identification is at the core. When we identify with other or as an individual separate from the all that determined where the rest of our next step would be. Is that what the fifth way is about? Because when i first tried the fifth way i always stucked at the question "sense of I or that its about you."

    So...does imperturbability is all about identification with the all? That simple?
    I released quite a lot and everytime i released my life goes better but that sense of i want more and more somehow it feels painful and exhausting. And when i welcomed that feeling of i want more i sensed that its again about my identification, identified myself as an individual separate from the all and i need more in order to have people's approval and to survive...i really want to get free from it because its really painful but i also want to feel connected to the world and people in general not like separate myself to be enlightened kind of stuff...

    I want both simple daily normal worldly happiness and the impertrbaility too. Could those two goes hand in hand? Because sometimes i feel like the more i dive myself into this spiritual stuff and meditate and release, the more disconnected and unhappy i become...i dont know where i missed

    Need some guidance


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    Hi seno!

    Yes, imperturbability and material happiness and even material success can go hand in had. Lester says that they in fact should go hand in hand. The idea that we have to trade one for the other is false and based in the illusion of separation. Lester would often ask folks who were very happy if they reached their material goals. And he would ask people who reached their material goals if they were happy. Oneness is all inclusive.