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    I am very inspired by the "vortex" technique, although I find the idea of something like a tornado spinning infront of me or even worse, inside me as rather disturbing.
    First few times I tried it, I had a "something" spinning in front of me, and since I let it have its own momentum it became so fast that it drew all emotions, sensations, thoughts out of my body. Although this "worked", I found it as tending towards "wanting to get rid of it". Almost like if you just threw your emotions in the dustbin - or in a fire, like is actually suggested at the inner circle 3 CD. Although its not "me" who do the pulling (or burning), I "install" a vortex/fire that in some way is going to 'swallow' my pain, or take it away from me.

    But what I like very much is to be able to release on complex issues all at once, by just letting it move around (I use these words instead - "energy moving" is what emotions are anyhow, almost like the word says: e-motion)
    And today I did this (or rather allowed it) with something that showed up to be very heavy to deal with.
    Weil, actually it didnt move at all in the beginning, it was like a brick in my forehead, totally solid and stuck.
    Later it shifted and moved. And later again, instead of a vortex or normal fire, I saw/sensed (it happened by itself) a forging fire, where some kind of melting or transmutation was taking place. The smoke from the glowing coal was very dense and black. Somehow I knew that when this process was over it would be alright, but that I had to let it take its time.
    Thing is, that this was not a visualization, it happened by itself, I didnt create the forge fire. It feels very different from a just a release, as it it not that some emotions left, but much deeper, it is more like it changed.

    Some questions I would like to ask is: how are YOU visualizing the vortex? inside? (then where?) outside? like movement in the water, on the ground like a tornado? What if it doent move? What if it goes berserk?
    Reason while I am asking was because I expected peple at the inner circle 3 CD would ask questions like this or that the technique was explained (1.Do this, 2.Do that....,etc) more in detail. I find that it could turn into a rather 'aggressive' technique, like one that a friend of mine is using (which I would never use), he puts his emotions outside and use a detonator to explode them!


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    hi- I find triple welcoming to be more useful at the moment- when I heard mention of 'vortex' or 'spin 'my mind went into overdrive looking for a vortex or searching for a spin. , so let that go.


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      Hi opllars and zannierose,

      Zannierose is intuitively on target! The vortex release is basically just welcoming everything that is appearing in awareness. Triple welcoming came after the vortex approach so they are kind related. vortex refers to the spinning that goes on when the bodymind keep generating "stuff". The idea for the vortex is to welcome each thought, each feeling, image, sensation, wanting to figure it out, wanting to get rid of it, to just keep welcoming each thing as it appears in awareness. If we keep doing that eventually the vortex spins itself out. We aren't encouraging that there be any specific image to visualize. Just notice what it is like to have the bodymind spin it's "wares" the way it can sometimes. In other words notice how endlessly the bodymind can produce stuff. And see if you can allow the stuff to keep coming up. See if you can just welcome whatever comes up and keep welcoming everything until things spin out or down.



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        Thanks to both of you.
        And yes, I also like the Triple Welcoming.
        Images have a strong influence and suggesting somthing 'spinning' makes my mind create it. Or wanting to create it. I got the definition of the word "vortex" from a dictionary (english is not my main language). It was explained as something spinning and irrestible drawing everything around it to its center, so for me it has a dramatic quality to it, that can seem to overwhelming, like a cyclon/tornado. Probably this is not was is intended.
        Instead of visualizing I will just be aware/allow/welcome/notice what is there, what comes, what goes. Thats natural. Instead of having my mindstuff teared apart by a tornado

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          Just testing website right now....


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            Well, the vortex has just been of great use to me, with some intense emotions that I was stuck in. But I feel it as 'cheating' in some way, as the reason why it worked (after having released and released in usual ways incl. triple welcoming) was that this vortex drew the the stuff out of my head. A vortex could be defined as I said in an earlier post, as "something spinning and irrestible drawing everything around it to its center". And of course that can feel freeing as "something" is taking all of the bad things out of you. When I say 'cheating' its because it is indirectly trying to get rid of stuff, although it is this image that does the work. Its like saying "I didnt try to get rid of anything, I just ordered a tornado to do a little bit of clean up..." The same with the other image Hale use sometimes, a fire instead of the vortex. Havent tried it, because that definetely seem like wanting to get rid of the feelings. Like " I allow all my feelings to be here, I even welcome them - and now into the fire with you!". Like if you invited somebody you didnt like to your party, and when he arrived you threw him out of the window.
            As you see, I am a bit ambivalent to this technique....
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              Hi opllars!

              You are misunderstanding the process. We do not imagine a tornado. The vortex refers to the spinning that the thoughts and feelings themselves do. Have you never had things go round and round and round in your head?

              All releasing can be seen as trying to get rid of something. That's why it is always good to ask if you are trying to do that. And then let that go.

              FYI: The Vortex eventually became Triple Welcoming!

              See if there is any wanting to release correctly? Could you let that go too?



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                Thanks Delilah,

                I will let go of the tornado ;-)
                - and my wanting to release correctly

                Best, Ole
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