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    Releasing didn't cause loneliness. It uncovered the reason for your unhappiness. Keep releasing it's another layer of the onion.

    I know from experience. When I first discovered the Sedona Method I was alone, lonely, disabled, unemployed. I would go for months without speaking to anyone other than the cashier (please, thank you if you call that speaking) whom I paid for groceries I bought with the little cash I had. I didn't see much point in continuing. The day I decided I wanted to quit, I decided to listen to the next Sedona Method tape. And we can be glad I did because that tape clicked. Could you let go of wanting control? It was about wanting control. I did the releases along with the tape and it click, I wanted to control my future, to ensure my happiness, to not be alone and unemployed on disability heading toward bankruptcy and the idea of living on the street. I wanted to control all that, to have security, to have freedom. Because I couldn't figure out how to control my future I felt doomed and all emotions that come with it.

    Doing the releases, I let go and my heart was like a box opening up to release what was inside me. I realised in that moment, I was actually okay. I didn't know what the future held, never had in the past so why was I trying to get control of it now. I never had that control either. And there I was in the moment and as long as I was in the moment, the future would take care of itself. It has as it always had, according to some script I cannot consciously understand. It was always coming to me and when it gets to me, it's a now moment. And there in was another gem, In the moment, I could just let go of thoughts that told me there is something wrong with me, that I'm lonely, not good enough. I could let go and enjoy the sun that was shining on me as I sat on the back step. I realised in that moment, I didn't need any more money because I wasn't spending any right then. That my savings were right then enough. And I didn't even have to go to a job.

    I changed in that week. I was so much happier that 2 weeks later my mother was worried. That I was faking, to cover up because there was nothing anyone could figure to do to help me at that time. It was my acceptance and peace which put me at peace and permitted me to enjoy the family get together.

    While I was still alone, I wasn't lonely anymore because, a smile from me created a connection with the world. People smiled back, it's an experience that hits the core so words don't exactly explain how something like that can change the loneliness. I just kept letting go.

    I recommend keep releasing. If you have the Supercourse find the section on wanting approval, security and control and do the releases in that section. It won't necessarily be the same aha, only when you're ready, it will click. To be ready, release a little more.



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      Hi Alex!

      The above is such a fantastic share!!! So glad you posted this!!!!! It will help so many people!!!!