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  • Stuckness.

    I started releasing and it worked wonders but after some time of releasing i started experience that the energy stuck in my gut and doesnt seem to dissolve no matter what i do!i know i developed resistance that needs to be worded on. Any one think that sedona is good at bringing back the feeling but maybe you have to combine it with a different technique for that energy to be out of your sysytem.

    Whats crazy is when i go back on my daily life that stuck energy keeps shows up feel this energy come and go while im not even practicing relesing, it so i was wondering am i able to only bring the feeling without actually releasing it or thats another layer of the feeling wants to go out and i dont even need to be doing realing for the feeling to come on the surface.
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    Hi Joseph86!

    It takes a bit of practice to become fully fluent in releasing. For some it takes longer than others. People come to releasing at different stages in their lives. And they come to releasing with different experiences and issues. And then life itself is dynamic so energies can get stirred up and stored up again. Also, when we pay close attention to the energy and the flow we notice things that fall to the background when we are focused on other things. Please bring some gentlelovingkindness to your process. It will get easier and easier as you keep going.



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      Hey, Joseph86,

      Thanks for being here and sharing your situation.

      It doesn't have to dissolve. Have you tried making the stuck feeling just a little more stuck, like holding onto the pen tighter, before you decide to release it as one complete object?

      This can help you let go of resisting the stuckness, so you can go on to let go of the stuckness itself. A great way to welcome something is to notice if you can mimic doing it exactly the way you're already doing it, no more and no less.

      Here's another mimicking approach.

      What are some of other qualities of this sensation in your gut? Could you describe the stuck feeling? How big is it? Is it round or does it seem to have any pointy areas? Is it the same every time it reoccurs, or does it change slightly? If it had a color, what color might it be? You don't have to answer, but you can notice.

      Notice how you feel about the feeling right now, just in general, including what you've done to dissolve it. Could you let those feelings go, just for this moment?

      Here is something I've been doing recently that seems to work really well for me. I'm very excited about its possibilities.

      Instead of trying to get rid of a feeling, you can welcome it by finding a usefulness for it so you can keep it and enjoy keeping it... that when you find a feeling like this in the future, it's like finding a large amount of money in your pants pocket that you'd forgotten was there.

      Is there an area in your ideal life where "stuck" could be a good thing? Like maybe at your dream house you have a gorgeous mailbox where you get great things in the mail. The post to the mailbox is stuck in the rich green grass of your lawn. You are happy for this stuckness because it enables this awesome mailbox to stand for the world (and especially the mail carrier) to see. Could you donate some of this stuckness in your gut to the mailbox at your ideal house so it stands really firmly against the weather, looks beautiful and receives really great things in the mail for you?

      Notice any remaining stuckness in your gut and see if exactly that stuckness (and no other kind of stuckness) could be seen in the way the post of the mailbox is planted at the end of your beautiful lawn.

      Or choose your own imagery. It's important that it be your imagery, for the kind of things you'd like to get out of this method. What I'm doing here is just a vivid elaboration on welcoming and inviting, accepting and allowing. The point is to think of something you'd like to have, and see any unwanted feelings as actually being able to contribute to that havingness. It can really be fun when you get into it, like putting together pieces of a puzzle, from a jumble to a splendidly clear picture of the life you'd love to have!

      Thanks again for your contribution here!