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“Problem” With Triple Welcoming

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  • “Problem” With Triple Welcoming

    I’m having an experience with Triple Welcoming where my thinking just freezes up on the third question.

    I can allow myself to welcome the situation, and to welcome any wanting to change it or do anything about it, but when it comes to welcoming how I take it personally and make it about me then my thinking somehow just locks up and becomes paralysed so that I can no longer hold or even understand the question.
    I do feel a release when this happens but because my thinking is so stunned I can’t really even describe that.

    Any suggestions about this?
    Is there a way to rephrase the third question so that I can understand it?
    Or should I just go with my thinking locking up and enjoy that as a kind of release in itself?

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    Hi mjclark!

    1. It's not a bad thing to have the mind stunned and left out of the equation. We don't have to understand a releasing question or what to do with it in order for us to have a release. There are lots of questions that are inexplicable and highly effective just the same. Notice the feeling the question gives you and go by the feeling when you answer "yes" or "no."

    2. The feeling the something is personal is like any other feeling. Notice where this topic or issue feels personal in the body and see if you can allow that to release as best you can.



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      Thanks again Delilah! You keep coming up with consistently helpful and supportive answers.

      After posting this question I got to ask Hale directly about this in the second session of today’s Financial Liberation retreat. His answer concurred with your point #1 that the stopping of thinking is a really good thing here and actually is the Method working!

      Your point #2 is also very helpful. I can ask myself “How do I even know that I’m feeling this?” and the whole thing unravels.