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Coachee has fibromyalgia - looking for a second opinion by an experienced coach

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  • Coachee has fibromyalgia - looking for a second opinion by an experienced coach

    I have a coachee who has fibromyalgia. He is cared for by a medical doctor and I have (obviously) nothing to do with that, since I am not a doctor. I just support him.

    When he first came to me, he was in a horrible position. Depressed, in a bad health situation and generally bad setup.

    Within a week or two, after our first 2 coachings, he was a lot better, he started meditating, visualising a bright future and later also started releasing both with another technique and then with the Sedona Method more recently. One some issues, I released with him with the Sedona Method.

    Even his fibromyalgia seems to get at least sligthly better recently.

    Recently this happened:

    He told me:
    His fibromyalgia can lead to phantom pain. E.g. he hit his leg against some piece of funiture 2 years ago and now, 2 years later, with the wound fully gonne and everything healed, the pain is still there as some kind of phantom pain, as if he just hit that piece of furniture 10 min ago.
    Recently, he had his eyes closed, releasing and breathing and he got some pain in his chest. Unfortunately, this was not with me but when he realised on his own.
    Now whenhever he closes his eyes to release or meditate or the, he has pain in his chest, like with the phantom pain of his leg.
    At least thats his interpretation; I am not sure if it is validly to do with the fibromyalgia or if it could just be a manifestation of an emotional issue.
    In the end, the coachee now says he doesnt want to release or meditate anymore, since he immediately gets the chest pain.
    And he is afraid that he may get other issues from releasing, additional pains he might constantly have once closing his eyes

    I asked my mentor, a coach who had and helped 100s of clients already, and he suggested that
    a) he should first release on the fear of getting additional ailments/pains
    b) we should then be releasing together on that very pain in his chest and he should very much look at it instead of turning away.

    I generally agree and would like to do this with this coachee.

    However, I wanted to get a second opinion. Would you agree or how do you see this?

    I am a very thorough person and so hearing a second opinion by an experienced coach or practitioner with similar experience would be more than welcome.

    Thank you very much!
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    Hi Svencoach!

    Apologies for hitting the edit button instead of the reply button. I didn't change anything in your post.

    Your mentor is correct.