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  • Life is good what's next

    Thanks to the Sedona Method, about a year ago I experienced a profound and lasting improvement in life. The shift occurred during a coaching session. No more worry, anxiety or depression. The critical narrator in then mind is silent. Lots of no-thought and bliss. Things release on their own as needed with minimal effort. This has been persistent and ongoing.

    During the pandemic I was doing coaching once or twice a week for over a year. I attend all of the live events via zoom. There is so much freedom now. I'm not looking for more Sedona Method coaching.

    I would like to compare notes with someone who is experiencing similar results. I'm trying to figure out how to navigate through life. There are so many possibilities.

    There is no program or mastermind group that I've found for this. I feel like this is the beginning of something. What is next? I guess maybe I'm looking for someone to mentor me.
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    Hi Fritzvogt!

    That's wonderful!
    Could you allow yourself to rest in the "not knowing what comes next?"
    Could you let go of wanting to figure it out?
    It would be helpful to explore what want is coming up around wanting to compare notes.
    Could you be open to the possibility that direction will come when it does and continue to enjoy what is appearing in awareness right now?



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      Yes, well said. There are questions that don't need answers for life to be more perfect than it is right now. What a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning saying these words.
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