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    Eugen, 46. Currently at 'R-A-D' program. Would like to have a regular partner who are also wants to practice and mastering these lessons and method for deeper understanding and achieving goals finally. Suppose it will be more funny together. But not matter at which course or level you are I am here for help. If my level epear too law for you, you are always free to quit and find better. For me having a regular partner is another level by itself.

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    What I can not be silent together with 'R-A-D' program

    Much of our behaviors are building up, designed, and customed to resist, afraid, and to want. Feelings just catching us and we loose our love. Even worse, we think that wanting is love: 'if I don't want you, I do not love you'. Yet when we involved into chasting, we often sabotage receiving. In addition, it feels uncomfortable. Though wanting gives to us a lot of pleasure, it is misleading and distractive finally, consequences are just pending into full charge. The only right way is to release, dissolve our wants, fear, resistance and come back to love again, before we get accordingly to our vibes.
    But wait a minute! What if we want to eat? Or to "it"? ... Of course we are satisfy ourselves, but we should be happy at the first place, we don't loose our love сontext, love field, love campestral.
    Tip: When you find you are resisting, afraid, wanting , allow yourself to welcome this, and notice how uncomfortable it feels, or how it looks from outside, making you no credit to. Once you have welcomed the feeling , you can simply try to let it go, but if it is not gone, find immediately more serious technique. The more you are able to let go of bothering feeling, the more you feel like having peace, and the Universe going to give you more. The less you're capable to release, or not feeling your releasing the more you say, 'it doesn't work for me'.

    Beyond Contraction and Expansion


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      Beyond Contraction and Expansion
      Life is a continuous cycle of contraction and expansion. Without the contraction and expansion of our lungs and heart, for instance, the body could not survive. It is like a swimming to somewhere, or like flow on, and flow out. The Universe makes a movements to deliver to us vibrational match. We should understand it very well, notice it , and of course do not afraid , and not worry. By aware of this you are prevent a lot of anxiety. Yet we often cause much suffering by resisting the contraction and clinging to the expansion phases of our lives. In this release we go beyond contraction and expansion.
      Tip: Welcome the cycles that running your life, which you can see around and within you. Allow for the contractions and expansions you experience in consciousness as well. The more you allow for this natural flow, and accept it, the more you find yourself watching them unfolding, rather than getting dragged behind the bus.


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        I'd like to encourage people who can not afford any course financially, while need them the most. I was at the surfaces about 15 years online and never saw such generosity anywhere, ever . Yes, I was bagging, so what. Last year at that time I've subscribed at Release-A-Day program ($25 a month), which was not always easy to pay. And now suddenly I've got a bonus:1) SM 4 in 1 Supercourse ($388) 2) SM Quick Study ($47) 3) Letting go Paraliminal ($29.95) 4) Letting Go Movies ($19.97) 5)BEYOND LETTING GO COURSE ($207) 6) Inner Circle course Volume 1 ($388). I am amazing like a monkey. That gain is real blessing for me. THANK YOU VERY MUCH . Also grateful to my dear Partner, after first proper session with her such coincidence have happened. Again "Don't put commercial into option".


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          We are seeking completeness,
          wholeness, happiness and joy.
          Yet what ever we seek,
          We want it at the beginning,
          trying to achieve, struggle and having doubt.
          We're denying the truth, by our ignorance.
          We just don't know
          that we are already Finders,
          all the time, not seekers. In This release
          we go from seeking to finding,
          and transforming into what we truly are, the finder.
          It is easy to see what stands behind seeking.
          The want, the rush, and tension.
          That is our way to manifest by default.
          And that is the common mistake,
          Hard way, the result of growing up,
          culture and civilization.
          We're so afraid to stay hungry.
          What if instead of all that rush
          we could just relax for a ten minutes?
          To feel, calmness, joy and safety,
          which is our basic nature, and be happy
          instead of stay in suffering?
          All we need to do is look.
          In this moment allove yourself
          to welcome any seeking, grasping
          And with the best you can
          let go of any seeking.
          And keep letting go
          until you find less seeking
          and more just simply being.
          Then allow yourself to welcome
          the wholeness, the completeness that you are
          and allows it to be enough.


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            Many people in Western culture are striving for success. They want their business to work, a lot of money to have, the car, of course, make a journey to some coll place, all those outer things. But what we found in our research is that having those outer things doesn't necessarily guarantee what we rarely want, which is happiness. For us is more important how others see us from the side. Which is just wanting approval. So we go for these outer things, thinking that they are going to bring us happiness. But it is exactly just the opposite and backward. At first, you need to go for the inner joy, the inner peace, and the simple vision from time to time, just not forget what you wanted. Then rest at that, while taking actions to achieve that. And then all the outer things may appear, or may not, but you are happy anyway. So what if you have not achieved it yet? You're happy with your journey and you are happy with your unhappiness. Doing things in negative, hard way and inspecting positive result is common to us, but that is a vicious circle. And hack, I always forget about it myself. A Little piece of hard work doesn't harm, right?


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              Most of us are always rushing through life. We see the now as something to get through in order to reach some goal. But in this state, you can only create more rush and stress. You have lost the momentum of imperturbability so should do everything on your own energy which is very limited. In this release we learn how to stop rushing and be here now, so you could get into the natural state of creation, and act with more ease, pleasure, and relaxation.
              Tip: If you find you are rushing through life, allow yourself to simply stop and be. You may interrupt the rush by asking: what am I afraid here? What is controlling me? Can I be OK with what is now? Do some yoga exercise or change your activity. Whenever you interrupt the rush pattern it starts to fall away. As it does, you discover that time does not matter here, you have all the time in the world. And as you keep letting go you also may see that what you are is beyond time. So, be in that state sometime so your mind could get momentum, and keep doing. Then move to your goal again.


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                At the live events Hale recommend
                to do partnership
                with a different person
                every time.
                There is a huge advantage
                In experiencing releasing
                from new, very different perspective.
                Both, from asking questions to a different people,
                and being asked by them.
                He seriously encourage everone to make experiment by doing partnership
                with a new, unfamiliar person.

                Finding release partner.
                Many people, (including me) just starting out are hesitant to start because they fear doing it wrong or doing something badly. But any successful person will tell you, if something is worth doing, it is worth of doing badly, at first. It is only through making mistakes that you can improve something. Actually, you should have done this a few years ago, and start again and again after each failer. Therefore let's get into action easy and enthusiastically. It is easier to change direction if you are moving - so get moving. Im from Ukraine, at the 'Body and beyond' course. Of course I would like somebody from Ukraine, Russia or any post Soviet countries. But finally, it it doesn't matter how you looks, and where you are from, which course you are at, and how many experience you have. Prepare your questions, and come along.


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                  No sufferer.
                  If you expand your consciousness enough, no matter how imperfect things are, both in your inner world end outside of you, there is a perfection, the universal wholeness, and you can bring that sense of perfection into YOUR life. When the true momentum has been done, there is no suffering at all, you can notice that there is no sufferer, that the suffering disappeared. And every time when your momentum eliminates the suffering, there is the gain.
                  Welcome the suffering, welcome the outter story caused it, and welcome the triggering itself.
                  Again, welcome the story, welcome suffering, and welcome the triggering.


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                    Compassion and love.

                    Bringing love to all situations has a magical effect on your life and your clarity of mind. It gives a wonderful experience for you and everyone around.

                    Love is a totally unconditional acceptance of what is with joy, totally unconditional acceptance of your problems and realizing that there is the whole Universe inside of you.

                    Compassion and loving kindness no matter how bad things are, opens the flow of life much more deeply.

                    If you are in a tough situation and don
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