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  • Releasing partner online

    I'll be glad to find a partner to release together.

    I've already finished the Supercourse and tried some small additional recordings.
    It worked out GREAT. It's the moment of finding inner truth, which divides life into before and after. I'm very relieved and grateful about it.

    Still, sometimes there's some challenges, which make even using Method somehow more nervous, even with "shoulding".
    I think it's really good idea - finding a releasing friend, to support each other and share gains and realizations.

    If you feel like trying some releasing in pair - feel free to message me.

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    i have also wojrked through the supercourse, Beyond letting go, and the weight loss course....and to the retreat last July in holland with Hale, which was really good! Are you planning to start a coaching practice? Are you a student?


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      Hey guys, are you still looking for a releasing partner?


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        I'm looking for a releasing partner. A few months ago the first time I read the book and listened to the 4 in 1 supercourse my life improved dramatically. All that eneded and I haven't made much progress in the last couple months. I'm stuck. I'm looking for a phone releasing partner not an email partner. 480-735-8214 Bruno. I'm in Arizona USA.
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