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Beginner looking for Releasing Partner (European Time)

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  • Beginner looking for Releasing Partner (European Time)

    I'm from Germany and I'm new to the SM.
    I think I've had some success using the method already, but also some issues and questions.
    I'm only about 50 pages into the book and I'm wondering at this point whether to continue reading, because I'm not able to do some of the exercises properly.

    Maybe somebody could help me out with some clarification and also become my Releasing Partner

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    Hi Greendoc!
    Yes, keep reading the book because there is much information that will help you even without a partner to release with.

    Feel free to ask any questions here.


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      Thank you for the welcome.

      What's keeping me from reading on is that I think I'm not able to do the exercises properly.

      I think my main issue is that the feelings I'm trying to release are slipping away as soon as I think about the questions.
      As if my mind needs to focus on feeling the emotion and cannot deal with the questions at the same time.

      Is this a common problem for some beginners?

      I noticed that when thinking about a made up scenario or a situation from that past that would cause anxiety, I didn't really feel anything at all at first.
      I have the knowledge that I would be anxious, but I didn't feel it.

      Could it be that I need to "learn to feel" properly first?
      I think I'm not good with feelings in general.
      I can't really identify different feelings well, maybe due to surpression? Also my "vocabulary" to describe them seems limited, maybe because I never really dealt with it before.

      However, I had a success with the method when I got a message from my boss boss telling me to make an somewhat unpleasend phone call.

      I tried feeling the anxiety and bringing up the questions in my mind. I think I always had two problems.

      Either I couldn't think of the questions, which is silly because they are just a couple questions that are easy to remember, but I think having to focus on the feeling made it hard.
      Or I could focus on the questions (by reading them) and then the feeling slipped away and the question became meaningless, as well as my answer to them.

      Due to the fact that I could still look at the message from my boss and the fact that the phone call was still to be made, the anxiety could build again.
      I started over a couple of times and eventually, I managed to reach a point where the questions became meaningful.

      I felt the resistance to answer yes to welcoming the feeling, but I was truthfully able to answer yes.
      "Could I let it go?"
      Resistence, but yes.
      "Am I willing to let go?"
      Resistence, "I don't know, I guess no"
      “Would I rather have this feeling, or would I rather be free?”
      Resistence, but of course I wanted to be free from this useless feeling that is just trying to protect me from an unpleasant call.
      It was like the book described that the feeling is trying to sustain itself by lying to me that I need it.

      I let it go there and got the described feeling of peace. Also I was able to easily make the phone call.
      This was 3 days ago and I also noticed a lot less social anxiety in other areas.
      Truly life changing.

      But unfortunately, I wasn't able to do it again with other emotions.

      So I have seen how powerful the SM is, but now I'm not sure if I should read on, while I still have this issue. I'm at an exercise in the book, which I seem not to be able to do because of it.
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        First of all, if you're looking for a releasing partner I would recommend the Facebook group 'The Sedona Method Group' there's more activity than here.

        If you have seen results, then I would keep reading. Not all releases are the same. Some are more obvious than others.


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          Thanks for the tip, I'll give it a try there.

          I also came to the conclusion to keep reading. I just wanted to make sure I'm not missing important information or steps if I keep reading



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            Hi Greedoc!

            Sounds like you are doing a great job!

            Be sure to answer the questions honestly and not how you think you should or how you want to answer them. Remember, you can have a great release even if you get a "no" for an answer.

            The book and all the recorded material has so much info in them. It if recommended that you go through them fully more than once because you will find that there are lots of things you missed. Don't get stuck anywhere, just keep moving forward and then come back around again. As you go along you will take in more and more and then when you come back around you'll have a deeper understanding of even the things you thought you were clear on before.




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              Dear Greedoc

              Hope you are doing well. I'm also looking for a Release Partner.
              Although I've already attended to diverse retreats, I've never worked with a releasing partner.
              But I'm willing to. We can try to work together and see how it goes. What do you think?
              I'm in Switzerland - at least the time Zone is a perfect match :-)

              Wishing you a wonderful weekend!


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                Sure, let's link up, I'll send you a private message.