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  • Connecting releasing partners!

    How would you like it if you could login to an app and instantly find all releasing partners that are online and available?

    How about if you could search in an app and have it show you all the people who are searching for a partner? This would also include the time they are available in YOUR time zone.

    I recently graduated a coding boot camp at Rice University in Houston, Texas. I'm currently seeking employment for my first web developer role. In the mean time, I would like to make an app that I'm passionate about.

    There are three main features I want this app to have.
    • Calendar to keep track and schedule your future releasing sessions with a partner. (Always reflected in YOUR timezone)
    • A search that will return a list of people who have similar free time to you (again the app will adjust the time zone accordingly)
    • A place to connect with the another person who is online and ready to release now (this could be a one time session or you could later schedule more sessions with that person)
    The ultimate goal is to make connecting with new releasing partners effortless for everyone!

    What are your thoughts? Would you like an app like this?
    Please leave any input you have about what features you would like to have in this app. Also, do you think this is a good idea? Would you use it? Do you think you would release more often if you could connect with new partners?

    Fellow Developers

    Are you a developer? Would you like to aid me in this process. If you have any experience or interest with the MERN stack I would welcome your help!

    Do not hesitate to comment below or send me a private message!

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    Hi JohnC!

    There is already an app like this set up by some folks on TSM Group FB page. You might want to join that group and inquire about that.



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      Good Morning Delilah!

      Thanks for reaching out, I have already reached out in the Facebook group. I still haven’t seen anything about a Sedona method scheduling app. Hopefully I can hear something soon.


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        Hopefully someone tell you about what's available.