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Thread: Crabbiness: How Much is Normal, How Much is Too Much?

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    Crabbiness: How Much is Normal, How Much is Too Much?

    Most everyone would agree that being around a perpetually crabby person is not fun. They may scowl at every remark you make, turn a good thing somehow into a bad thing or generally exude negativity from their very being. Yet, everyone has been that crabby person before. Maybe you are even feeling that way right now. And when you re in the midst of feeling crabby, irritable, grumpy or cross, the last thing you want is for someone to tell you to cheer up but at least keep reading to find out why that s actually great advice.

    The thing about crabbiness is it s usually a symptom of something else. Too much stress can certainly cause it, and so can getting too little sleep. Meanwhile, not feeling recognized at work is easily a reason to experience crabbiness, as is a fight with your spouse, dealing with a rude cashier, sitting in rush hour traffic or having trouble with your computer.

    The point is, you could very realistically feel crabby all day long, and no one would tell you you re not justified in it.

    Occasional irritability is simply a part of being alive,says Laura Slap-Shelton, Ph.D., D.Ph., a clinical psychologist at Jeanes Hospital in Philadelphia.No one is perfect. And things will happen in the course of some days that may be upsetting.

    When feeling crabby starts to impact your overall well-being, or that of your friends and family, however, it s a sure sign that it s time to take action. Here are some signs that your crabbiness may be impacting your relationships:

    You have trouble laughing and enjoying time with your loved ones
    Friends and family have said they have to walk on eggshells around you
    You are snippy and make mean-spirited comments
    On most occasions, you d rather be alone than with your family

    How to Break Free From Chronic Crabbiness

    First off, severe and chronic feelings of irritability are a sign of unresolved stress and possibly any number of health conditions, including depression, anxiety disorders and insomnia. If you feel you may be suffering from a medical condition, you should seek help from your health care provider. Meanwhile, anyone feeling crabby should make an effort to get a much better night s sleep and then try to identify what is making them feel irritable. Perhaps it is anxiety about your job, stress from your commute, or a fear of an upcoming event in your life. Almost inevitably, you will find that your crabbiness is coming from a blocked negative emotion that you are holding on to, and which is making you miserable.

    What if you could let go of this negativity just as you can let go of a pencil? Would you? If you have a desire to be free from negativity (and along with it crabbiness and irritability) The Sedona Method is for you. When you learn the Method (a simple, easy-to-use technique), you will be able to release the negative thoughts, feelings and behaviors that used to make you feel crabby and instead go through life with a renewed outlook, one that s positive, joyful and full of peace.


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