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Thread: Feeling Emotionless or Emotionally Numb? This May Be the Reason Why

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    Feeling Emotionless or Emotionally Numb? This May Be the Reason Why

    Feeling emotionless can happen to anyone, even as their external world seems full of opportunity. If you're experiencing emotional numbness, or apathy, it doesn't matter what's happening in the outside world because inside you feel bored, indifferent, and perhaps cut-off from the relationships and experiences you once adored.

    Ironically, when you feel emotionless, you actually feel quite a few emotions. You feel heavy and hopeless, and like there’s no point in having any desires. You focus on failure and the things you can’t do, change or control. While feeling emotionless can draw energy from you until you feel you have nothing left, inside you are actively feeling pulled in many conflicting directions.

    “Most emotional numbness comes from tuning out how we truly feel based on a belief in some past story or trauma that we feel ill-prepared for or unable to handle,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and director of training of Sedona Training Associates.

    The problem with feeling emotionless, of course, is that it does nothing but hold you back, and actually prevents you from living up to your true purpose and life’s potential.

    Fortunately, letting go of negativity or even just indifference is much easier than it sounds, especially when you learn The Sedona Method. The Method is scientifically proven to help you release negative thoughts and behaviors and, in their place, create a solid, positive mental attitude.

    It helps if you can determine the reason from your past that is causing your indifference. It could be a failure, a regret, guilt, or a traumatic experience that you feel has made your life not worth living and enjoying. But even if you can’t narrow down the exact reason, you can still benefit from letting go.

    “No matter why you feel numb, the best way to solve theinner numbness is to treat it like any other feeling,” Dwoskin says. “All feelings can be released with The Sedona Method if you decide to simply let go.The more you let go using The Sedona Method, the more you will feel like you're coming back to life and your emotional numbness will be replaced by a feeling of lightness, a feeling of caring, and a feeling that you can handle however you feel.”

    Releasing your apathetic emotions is the first step toward renewing your excitement about life. From there you will feel a restored sense of enthusiasm that will compel you to do the things that make life worth living, like reconnecting with friends and family or getting involved with some old and new hobbies.


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