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Thread: Identify Your Stressors and Eliminate Them: A Key Tactic as You Begin the Year

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    Identify Your Stressors and Eliminate Them: A Key Tactic as You Begin the Year

    Most of us are no strangers to stress, especially with the economy in its seemingly never-ending slump. Nearly half of adults (47 percent) polled by the American Psychological Association (APA) for their Stress in America survey said their stress has increased since last year.

    Perhaps your top stressors are in-line with the majority. APA found that money and the economy topped the list of stressors for eight out of 10 Americans, followed by:
    • Stress about work and family health problems (67 percent)
    • Housing costs (62 percent)
    • Job stability (56 percent)

    Managing this stress is key to avoiding a slew of stress-related health problems such as chronic disease, fatigue, irritability, anger and insomnia, and will also help your mental health to stay on the positive side.

    One of the best ways to eliminate your stress is to target it with the process of letting go. This process, a key part of The Sedona Method, allows you to release stressful feelings in the moment, whenever they occur.

    “When dealing with stress it is important to remember that simply avoiding the stressor is rarely the answer,” says Hale Dwoskin, CEO and Director of Training of Sedona Training Associates.

    “The best way to release stress and tension is to allow yourself to welcome what you're feeling in this moment and ask yourself, ‘Could I let this feeling go? Would I let this feeling go? When?’ These simple yet powerful questions can help you release stress and tension anytime, anywhere,” he says.

    Let’s try a practice round. Sit down and think for a moment about an issue that is troubling you. If nothing comes to mind, try brainstorming on a piece of paper or focusing solely on your emotions. What are you feeling?

    When you have the notion of what is bothering you in mind, ask yourself:

    • Could I let this feeling go?
    • Would I let it go?
    • When?

    It doesn’t matter whether you answer yes or no to these questions. The therapeutic value comes from asking the questions and going through the process, not necessarily from your answers. As you ask yourself the questions, your resistance to the feeling will begin to dissolve, and soon you will find yourself no longer affected by it.

    You can use The Sedona Method to address any specific feeling or problem that is stressing you out, but the process works even if you're not sure why you're feeling stressed.

    "You do not need to know why you feel tense or stressed in order to let go," Dwoskin says. "If you wait to understand why you're stressed, you may wait a very long time and you'll suffer a lot unnecessarily. So let go of wanting to figure out why you feel the way you do and simply let go now as best you can."


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